Fiitfu CRM 30 Day Challenge

September 1, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Fiitfu Members, New and Old, will benefit from our 30 Day Challenge! Ok, even if you are NOT a Fiitfu member, you can still benefit from this challenge!  Feel free to join us on Facebook and Instagram for our daily dose of follow-up tips! This challenge will help you become better at following up, engaging … Read More

5 Tips To Make Your Email Address More Professional

February 18, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Using a Domain Name will make a difference! Believe it or not, your email can say a lot about you and your business.  So, I wanted to highlight some things you may not be aware of, and how you can ensure your business name not only reflects your business, your personality, and your professionalism, but … Read More

Treat Your Top Customers This Mothers Day.

May 2, 2017By Mary-JaneFollow-Up Tips

Mothers Day is a Wonderful Reason to Connect with your Clients. Like birthdays, Mothers Day is another “natural reason” to follow-up with your clients. Run a report from your Fiitfu account to see who your top clients are for this year so far (or you can even pull a report on your top clients from last … Read More