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Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher is a motivating, dynamic and experienced keynote speaker!


Start Up Grind Expert Guest

"Mary-Jane's journey as an entrepreneur is an inspiration to any aspiring business person, and an important fresh take on how to raise seed funding from a community."

- Colin Schmidt WiseBox | ‘Start Up Grind’ April 2019 Chilliwack

Radio Talk Show Expert Guest

"This was some of the best insight that we've ever gotten about how to improve your business; specifically network marketers. A BIG THANK YOU to so many golden nuggets from Mary-Jane from Fiitfu that can turn any business around with more strategic follow-up."

- Ally Loprete Host | ‘This Little Parent Stayed Home’ September 2015 California

About Mary-Jane

Mary-Jane is one of the most outgoing and motivated individuals you will ever meet. Her passion for business is game-changing and she wants to share it with the world. With over 25 years in the sales and marketing industry, Mary-Jane has the experience and knowledge to make an impact on your business relationships.

After completing her diploma in Sales and Marketing, she spent over 20 years in corporate sales. Her advice is endless, gained from the hands-on training in sales, marketing, closing, mirroring clients, and more! This knowledge and experience led her into teaching and training others on the importance of following up and building relationships with clients in order to solidify client retention.

In October 2010, after 6 years in the Direct Sales industry, Mary-Jane created a business plan that focused on successful client follow-up. She developed and launched Fiitfu CRM Solutions - a Customer Relationship Management tool. Her concept was to build a tool that aided network marketers in their individual businesses with a primary focus on follow-up.

Fiitfu has grown and improved over the last 11 years. Client feedback and continued growth has improved and increased Fiitfu’s offered tools to become a loved system used by many.

Mary-Jane now trains thousands of independent consultants around the world on following up with confidence and increasing client retention.


MJ’s Training Focus

How to sell to different personality styles
Using a consultative approach to selling
Power of the first impression
Strategic Leadership Development
Six Thinking Hats

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Keynote Speaker

"We had the privilege of having Mary-Jane speak at our annual conference, everyone in attendance walked away saying "WOW" she is fantastic. She is engaging, motivating and entertaining. The message is clearly delivered that to grow your business you have to follow up. No matter what the nature of your business is, follow-up on a timely basis is critical. One of the things we love about Mary-Jane and Fiitfu is that her team is always available and willing to help. We look forward to our ongoing relationship."

- Audrey Stewart Co-Founder | Sunset Gourmet Convention August 2015 Winnipeg

MJ’s Popular Topics

  • Top reasons why people don't follow up
  • How to get over your own fear of follow-up
  • 5 effective ways to follow up
  • Make future follow-up easier
  • Customer service trends
  • Communicating to clients & abiding by Anti-Spam laws

Choose A Topic Below

Each topic is available as a 1 hour Presentation or a 3 hour Workshop!

Comfort Zone Escape

How do you escape habits that are holding you back from success?

Learn to challenge yourself and your team to break new ground and embrace risk to take your business to the next level and continuously strive and grow to keep the excitement and interest alive.

Fearless Follow-up

What is holding you back from keeping customers and turning them into referral makers?

Find out why it pays to keep in touch with people and how you can fight the fear to make reconnecting fun and easy.

Closing Queen

Do you focus on the sale instead of the relationship?

Learn the value of a relationship-based selling style over the thrill of a big one-time sale and how to turn casual customers into long-term clients.

Building Brilliance

Don't let your business take over your life!

Understand how you can create a business that fits and fulfills your life rather than having it take over days and nights.

Keynote Speaker EWomen Network

"Mary-Jane, was absolutely amazing! I would go to another event that she is speaking." - Maria Ellis Assistant Managing Director | Edmonton October 2015