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Just like you, our customers are network marketers or small business owners. See how they integrate Fiitfu into their daily routine, to make their business grow and find peace of mind.

Leslie Hipp

Regional Vice President, Independent Consultant | Arbonne

“After testing Fiitfu for just 30 days, I increased my sales, memberships, and earned 3 company bonuses. With a background in software development, web design & writing, nothing fit—until Fiitfu!”

Leslie's Story

Before Fiitfu, I didn't even realize how much more efficient and thorough I could be with my follow-up. With a background in software development, web design, and technical writing I was a "tough sell" on all the other tools available on the market. Being hyper critical of features, design, usability, and integration, nothing I found fit the bill...until Fiitfu. Upon first reviewing Fiitfu, I thought it was really too good to be true because it was exactly the tool I had been looking for, for 7 years; a complete, web-based Contact Management System, not just a single-focused reach-out method.

Can I get an AMEN!? After testing out the software for just 30 days, I increased my sales, increased memberships, and earned three company bonuses. I credit much of that to Fiitfu. The software helped me be excellent (not just mediocre) in my follow-up by keeping me "in the zone" doing the most important tasks first...connecting to the people. I feel like Fiitfu is a little like having a Virtual Assistant, especially when using "Funnels" and the automatic emailing feature.

The last benefit I want to share with you is the one you can't measure...PEACE OF MIND. I have so much more mental clarity, calmness, and focus, because I know Fiitfu has my back. I highly recommend Fiitfu to anyone who wants a one-stop-shop for tracking customers.

Kate McKenzie

Executive Team Leader | Origami Owl

“I am sleeping better at night because I now have a place where I can track every important detail of my business…This is such a blessing to me and I'm genuinely grateful for our call that got me to sign up.”

Kate's Story

This is exactly what I have been looking for and missing for the last fourteen months as an entrepreneur. I know this sounds crazy, but I am sleeping better at night (and falling asleep more quickly) because I now have a place where I can track every important detail of my business. I have used at least 5 different websites and systems to try and track what Fiitfu can do better in just one place. Now I feel like things are taken care of, and will not fall through the cracks.

I'm also more excited about my follow-ups because I know where and how to find them. And clicking "complete" feels so good! I can't stop playing and working and adding and learning. I feel like every few hours I learn a new cool thing that Fiitfu does that makes my life as a business woman easier and more efficient. This is such a blessing to me and I'm genuinely grateful for our call last week that got me to sign up. I can't imagine if I hadn't.

Sequana Janifer

Senior Team Leader | Gold Canyon

“Fiitfu makes staying in contact with my customers a breeze. I love the custom client profile forms that we're able to create. They make collecting survey information and feedback from my customers easy.”

Sequana's Story

Before Fiitfu I used accordion file folders and an Access database to keep track of all of my customer information. My system was okay, but Fiitfu took things to a whole other level. I love that it's web-based so I can access the information I need from anywhere!

I also really love the custom client profile forms that we're able to create. They make collecting survey information and feedback from my customers easy. I also really, really love that I can send all of my marketing and follow-up emails directly through the site as well. I no longer need a separate account for that. I could go on and on...Fiitfu is awesome!

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"I am back working my biz and have been doing lots of followups in my fiitfu database.. I had one of my out of town customers email me after I contacted her to request catalogs and order forms. Today I received catalog party orders from her and her friends of $400....those are sales that I would not have had if I had not followed up with her."

Cindy Ference
Sunset Gourmet

" Fiitfu has made me money! My income is up more than 30% month to month because Fiitfu reminds me when a customer is due for a re-order on any of her products. My clients LOVE it when I contact them according to Fiitfu’s follow-up suggestions. “How did you know my candle was almost gone?” I love that! Fiitfu has also saved me money! How? Because it reminds me to make those calls, send those emails, follow up with every client, every host and every potential sponsor. Every client or team member I don’t contact costs me money. It helps me stay in touch with clients and coach my team members to success."

Joyce Menyasz
Gold Canyon Candles

"FIITFU has taken my CHAOS and turned it into CALM. If you invest in one thing to better your business, make it FIITFU! This CMR software does everything you have ever thought would be a "good idea" and about a million things you hadn't even thought of yet! Such relief to know that $$$ and relationships are no longer falling through the cracks because all my customer information is at the tip of my fingers, whether I am in my office or running mobile. I used to have stacks of papers littering my desk, now I have cleanliness and consistency due to MJ and her team!"

Terrina Pawluk
Origami Owl

"I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed by what I don’t know, to feeling overwhelmed in a good way by the potential I see for how Fiitfu can help my business grow!"
Sarah Cohen

"I LOVE Fiitfu! Seriously, it's amazing. Right now, I use it for:

  • Customers
  • Tracking orders
  • Sending automatic letters after they've purchased (I use a 'funnel')
  • Quick emails to many or all of them if there's a Norwex sale (the recent Cleaning Paste/Travel Enviro Sale, for example)
  • Hosts/Events
  • Host Coaching (I attach the month's host specials to that)
  • Party planning & follow-up
  • New Consultants
  • I have a funnel set up that is the emails that I send when I sign on a new team member. I can simply add the new member to that funnel and they automatically receive a few emails from me. I can also add reminders to call them about whatever it is I like to call about.

Fiitfu is worth its weight in gold."

Rexanne Trambley

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