Follow-Up The Old Fashioned Way

January 25, 2016By Mary-JaneGrow Your Business

Contact your clients at least 12 times this year! AT Fiitfu we are always sharing in our training webinars and calls that you should be contacting your clients at least 12 times over the course of 12 months. ¬†Statistics have shown that those who follow up more than 5 – 12 times are the ones … Read More

Is Your Follow Up Feeling a Little Frosty?

January 18, 2016By Mary-JaneGrow Your Business

Defrost those cold calls and chill your Follow-up fears! Follow-up can be a bit stressful, and we know why! ¬†After years of working in the sales industry, we at Fiitfu know that the number one reason why people don’t follow-up is because they don’t know what to say. Think about it, when you are calling … Read More