What’s your Follow-Up Plan?

March 12, 2019By Mary-JaneBlog, Follow-Up Tips

12 Natural Follow-Ups for a new customer. At Fiitfu we often talk about having “natural” ways to follow up with clients.  Examples of  natural ways to follow-up would look like: An email on their birthday month letting them know your birthday special A call 7 days after an order to ensure that they received their … Read More

Time to Spice Up Your Follow-Up?

February 28, 2019By Mary-JaneRecipes for success

Cooking with Fiitfu – Getting set up So this may be totally random, but as a culinary fanatic, I thought that our readers, and Fiitfu users could use some tips not only on following up, but as well as cooking good nutritious and delicious food. One of the benefits of running your Direct Sales business, … Read More

Birthday Reports On Fiitfu

February 6, 2019By Mary-JaneBlog, Follow-Up Tips

Birthdays, one of the many natural ways to stay connected with clients. Each week on our Facebook Group for Members Only, we host “Follow-Up Friday’s”, our way of giving you tips each week on how to follow-up naturally with your clients. Fridays are a great day to connect with clients, people are usually in a … Read More

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Writing Goals for 2019

January 8, 2019By Mary-JaneBlog

Create SMART goals and watch your dreams become reality   Happy New Year! A. new year to start out fresh.  Today is a great day to write down all the goals that you would like to accomplish for the year (if you haven’t done so already). We recommend that your goals be split up into 4 … Read More

Committing To Success Comes With A Price

January 2, 2019By Mary-JaneBlog, Grow Your Business

Happy 2019!  Time to Commit to your Goals, but at what price? This is the time of year that leaders (or those striving to be leaders) reset their goals and make some new commitments to not only themselves, but to their team members and to their customers. Know that committing to others will make you … Read More

How to Ensure your Clients Shop with you!

November 29, 2018By Mary-JaneBlog, Grow Your Business

Customer are out there shopping, but will they shop with you? When you don’t stay connected with your clients, alternatives like Amazon or local shops will be resourced to buy holiday gifts. Fortune Is In The Follow Up is what we always preach at Fiitfu.  When you make a consistent effort to stay connected with your clients … Read More

Fiitfu University

July 25, 2018By Mary-JaneBlog

Enroll Today! With so many fantastic features on Fiitfu, it can be hard to know where to start.  Fiitfu University will make it easier for you to get started.   You can take one course at a time, or search for specific courses to enhance the use of your Fiitfu account. Register today, you will be glad you did. … Read More

Boxing Day Sale!

December 26, 2017By Mary-JaneBlog

Fiitfu is a Canadian company and, like much of the British Commonwealth, we celebrate Boxing Day. Traditionally, this holiday was when employers would give their employees “Christmas boxes” full of goodies to celebrate the season. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, we want to share our sale with you! How will you finish off … Read More