Improving Business With a CRM Database System – What To Know

January 18, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Why Your Company Needs a CRM When you make it your company’s goal to satisfy your customers and tend to their every need, you can expect them to stay loyal to you and maintain a strong relationship with them over time. One way to achieve that is through a customer relationship management (CRM) software. In … Read More

Fiitfu Hard Bounce Updates

December 8, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

Hard Bounces Now Removed Automatically Regardless of how “clean” you think your email list may be, there is always a bad address in the mix, and we just made these easier to deal with. New to Fiitfu – Now when an email hard bounces, not only will the clients email be removed from your email … Read More

Fiitfu Lauches SMS Texting as Latest Feature.

June 19, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

SMS Best Practices. At Fiitfu we know the needs of our clients and technology can change quickly.  This is why we are so excited to launch SMS – Texting within Fiitfu.  There are Best Practices when it comes to texting, and some legal issues you may need to be aware of before sending notes to your … Read More

Buyers Believe Buyers First – Why Testimonials Will Sell Your Products

May 11, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

Why Are Testimonials So Powerful? As we navigate through these uncharted waters of Covid 19, many of us are having to increase our online marketing efforts and find material that will help sell products. One of your most valuable resources when it comes to marketing, are your present customers, and their testimonials.  If you don’t presently use … Read More

5 Tips to Making and Keeping your Goals

January 30, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

How to stay on track with your 2020 goals January is coming to a close, and unfortunately so are some of the strong drives to accomplish our 2020 goals!  According to U.S. News & World report, 80% of New Years resolutions fail by February. Good news is you are one of the ones that can … Read More

Post Holiday Follow-Up Tips

January 14, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

Time to follow-up with your Holiday Clients! During the holidays, there is always a flurry of activity going on for your personal and business life! If you consider all of your Vendor Events, Hostess Parties, and even Open Houses that you had in November and December, you probably have some client follow-ups to be catching … Read More

Stock on your Shelf could be Money in your Pocket

January 6, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

Ways to reduce your stock on hand. Many of our Fiitfu users run Vendor Events during the holiday months, and often can have stock left over.  One thing to always remember, stock on hand could be money in your pocket if you sell the products off.   So what is the best way to do this? … Read More


January 2, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog, Grow Your Business

2020 is here, and we want you to Work It Baby! Step 1 – Reconnecting with customers you dropped the ball on. At Fiitfu we always talk about follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. And many of you will say, OK I hear you, but how do I do it? This year we are going to support you … Read More

Habits that will make your kids more successful

November 29, 2019By Mary-JaneBlog

  Raising kids that can function in today’s society can be difficult, but these tips may help Being that it is Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States, I was reflecting on how important it is for our society to eat together.  One of the rules in our home is that you never eat alone, and … Read More