5 Awesome Tips to Getting Started on Follow-Up!

November 9, 2022By Mary-JaneBlog

I don’t know what to say when following up, should I even bother? Yesterday I had the privilege of chatting with Brenda Ster , along with some of her 29K followers!  We had an in-depth conversation about Why Follow up is Everything in Business. Her community had some great questions about the best way to … Read More

5 Ways to Increase Your Sales This Month

November 16, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Follow these steps and watch your revenue grow this month! If you are in sales, you know that there are a number of opportunities in the next 6 weeks to really boost your sales before the end of the year!   These 5 steps will help now, and every month, if you continue to stay connected … Read More

Why a 30 Day Challenge is worth doing!

October 4, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

So much can be accomplished when you just commit! During the #fiitfu30daychallenge we gave you small challenges each day that would help move you closer to meeting your goals, and perhaps become just a little more comfortable in getting your follow-ups done. This blog is a continuation of our 1/2 way mark blog. The 2nd … Read More

30 Day Challenge – Why You Need To Join Now

September 16, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

30 Days Will Come and Go, You May As Well Join The Flow Well we are 1/2 way through our 30 day challenge. Each day is filled with different ideas to get you back on track with Focus, Organization, Follow-up, and support! If you missed some of our days, this blog is for you! Here … Read More

Following-Up In Natural Ways Is Easier With Fiitfu

September 3, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

When You Put a Little Heart Into Your Follow-Ups, You Will See Greater Returns! Following up is easy when you listen to your client’s needs, wants and interests. But listening isn’t enough, you have to also track these interests and desires, so as business grows, you will remember the fine details. Knowing these details will … Read More

Fiitfu CRM 30 Day Challenge

September 1, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Fiitfu Members, New and Old, will benefit from our 30 Day Challenge! Ok, even if you are NOT a Fiitfu member, you can still benefit from this challenge!  Feel free to join us on Facebook and Instagram for our daily dose of follow-up tips! This challenge will help you become better at following up, engaging … Read More

Fiitfu CRM Quick Photo Editing Tips

April 26, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

How to edit images to upload to Fiitfu CRM – Quick and Easy!! We at Fiitfu CRM Solutions have had emails over the years of asking why photo’s don’t upload to Fiitfu, or if they do upload, why do they upload sideways? This blog is to show you a couple of tips on how to … Read More

Training Is More Fun With A Challenge

April 19, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

High Five Day Challenge On April 10, 2021 Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc hosted a challenge that was not only fun for our members, but as well very educational! We wanted to be sure that you had easy access to see what the challenge entailed, what some of the training was and who the winner of … Read More

Is It Business Only When It Comes To Fiitfu CRM?

April 12, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Fiitfu CRM will keep you organized in your personal and business life! Fiitfu CRM is a great tool to organize your clients, prospects and team members, but why not also use it for your personal information as well. I started using my Fiitfu account more personally when my daughter left elementary school to head to … Read More