Fiitfu CRM Quick Photo Editing Tips

April 26, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

How to edit images to upload to Fiitfu CRM – Quick and Easy!! We at Fiitfu CRM Solutions have had emails over the years of asking why photo’s don’t upload to Fiitfu, or if they do upload, why do they upload sideways? This blog is to show you a couple of tips on how to … Read More

Training Is More Fun With A Challenge

April 19, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

High Five Day Challenge On April 10, 2021 Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc hosted a challenge that was not only fun for our members, but as well very educational! We wanted to be sure that you had easy access to see what the challenge entailed, what some of the training was and who the winner of … Read More

Is It Business Only When It Comes To Fiitfu CRM?

April 12, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Fiitfu CRM will keep you organized in your personal and business life! Fiitfu CRM is a great tool to organize your clients, prospects and team members, but why not also use it for your personal information as well. I started using my Fiitfu account more personally when my daughter left elementary school to head to … Read More

5 Tips To Make Your Email Address More Professional

February 18, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Using a Domain Name will make a difference! Believe it or not, your email can say a lot about you and your business.  So, I wanted to highlight some things you may not be aware of, and how you can ensure your business name not only reflects your business, your personality, and your professionalism, but … Read More

Three Points Why Using a CRM Will Help Your Business

February 4, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Can a CRM really make a difference?  You bet it can! Running a small business can be difficult, as an entrepreneur you have to wear many hats, as well as utilize many resources to meet your goals. Fortunately, there are customer relationship management (CRM) systems available to you to help, many designed for very specific … Read More

Slow Computer? Maybe it is time to Clear Your Cache!

January 28, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Here is a simple version of the What, Why and Where of Your Cache If you are like me, you probably have  MULTIPLE websites open at the same time. This morning while I write this, I count 15 different tabs open!  Could this possibly be why my computer slows down? What Is Your Browser Cache? … Read More

Improving Business With a CRM Database System – What To Know

January 18, 2021By Mary-JaneBlog

Why Your Company Needs a CRM When you make it your company’s goal to satisfy your customers and tend to their every need, you can expect them to stay loyal to you and maintain a strong relationship with them over time. One way to achieve that is through a customer relationship management (CRM) software. In … Read More

Fiitfu Hard Bounce Updates

December 8, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

Hard Bounces Now Removed Automatically Regardless of how “clean” you think your email list may be, there is always a bad address in the mix, and we just made these easier to deal with. New to Fiitfu – Now when an email hard bounces, not only will the clients email be removed from your email … Read More

Fiitfu Lauches SMS Texting as Latest Feature.

June 19, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

SMS Best Practices. At Fiitfu we know the needs of our clients and technology can change quickly.  This is why we are so excited to launch SMS – Texting within Fiitfu.  There are Best Practices when it comes to texting, and some legal issues you may need to be aware of before sending notes to your … Read More

Buyers Believe Buyers First – Why Testimonials Will Sell Your Products

May 11, 2020By Mary-JaneBlog

Why Are Testimonials So Powerful? As we navigate through these uncharted waters of Covid 19, many of us are having to increase our online marketing efforts and find material that will help sell products. One of your most valuable resources when it comes to marketing, are your present customers, and their testimonials.  If you don’t presently use … Read More