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Making follow-up fun, from our HQ in Vancouver, BC Canada.

About Fiitfu

Fiitfu is a leading CRM for Network Marketers that makes managing clients easy and empowers successful follow-up. We are a web-based, Customer Relationship Management tool that is dedicated to improving customer follow-up techniques and success rates. Fiitfu is considered a growth tool for direct sales professionals because we offer specific tools needed in their industry.

Fiitfu is a subscription-based service. Our CRM tool can be accessed via a web browser or mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices. Learn more about our growing list of features.

Our Story

After 6 years in the Direct Sales industry, our founder Mary-Jane, created a business plan that focused on successful client follow-up. Her concept was to build a tool that aided network marketers in their individual businesses.

Fiitfu was launched in October 2010. Our core purpose has remained the same but our software has grown and improved over the last 5 years. With client feedback and continued growth and expansion, we love what Fiitfu has become—and our clients do too!

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