Follow these steps and watch your revenue grow this month!

If you are in sales, you know that there are a number of opportunities in the next 6 weeks to really boost your sales before the end of the year!   These 5 steps will help now, and every month, if you continue to stay connected with your customers!

Step 1. Realize that present customers are more valuable than NEW customers!
Consider these facts about repeat customers:
– Repeat customers spend more money (up to 300% more according to RJ Metric)
– Repeat customers are easier to sell to!  Paul Farris in his book Marketing Metrics states that a repeat customer has a 60 – 70 % chance of converting.
– Repeat customers will promote your business for you.

Step 2. Call your present customers! Take a look at sales you did 2-4 months ago, and see who may be ready to re-order, do they have items on their wish list that you may be able to offer them at a discount, and be sure to ask them if they would like you to contact their partner, family or friends  with their wish list items for Christmas?

Step 3. Reach out to customers that bought from you last Black Friday and Cyber Monday and tell them that since they purchased from you last year, they are the FIRST to receive your holiday promo.   Be sure to offer them something else that you won’t offer to others –  for example if you have limited stock at a limited price reduction, or a special discount rate only available to them – as your way of saying thank you.

Step 4. Call 10 past customers a day, every day with updates that you may have, and what your promo is for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 12 Days of Christmas or any other promotion that you will have before the end of the year. Leave a message, and then follow up with an email or a text with links to your special. There are so many natural reasons to follow-up with your clients this time of year (and all year).  If you have far to many customers to just call 10 per day, then call your TOP clients, and email, message, or text your other clients until your entire data base has been contacted 🙂

Step 5. Don’t give up! 80% of sales are made after the 5-12th. It is hard to believe that only 10% of us follow-up more than 3 times!*

Using Natural Ways to follow-up with your customers will increase your sales, your customer retention, your referral rates and your average order total!!

Be sure to track  your clients interests, orders, past communication and more with a CRM – Our favorite of course is FIITFU.

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What are you waiting for? Get following up today!

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*statistics from National Sales Executive Association