So much can be accomplished when you just commit!

During the #fiitfu30daychallenge we gave you small challenges each day that would help move you closer to meeting your goals, and perhaps become just a little more comfortable in getting your follow-ups done.

This blog is a continuation of our 1/2 way mark blog. The 2nd half of your 30 day challenge.

Take this challenge any month, follow day by day and watch your business, and self confidence grow 🙂 The Impossible becomes “I’m Possible” and yes you are!!

Day 16
Start a Birthday Club! Birthdays are a GREAT reason to follow up with your clients. If you don’t have some sort of Birthday gift or Special that you give to your clients, you may want to think of one.
Our challenge today is to figure out what that Birthday “special” will look like for you. Some people offer free shipping, or 20% off any order over $50.00, or they send a sample pack to their clients on their birthday. What could you do (and afford to do) that you can offer to each of your clients? Read this blog for some inspiration.

Day 17
Now that you have your Birthday Club Idea set up, be sure to create an email template in your Fiitfu account that you can send to your entire prospect and client base. Be sure to add a FORM so that you can collect their birthday and data that will automatically populate your Fiitfu Account! In the form you could also ask if they have any product on their “wish list”. Be sure to track all of this on your Fiitfu account so you have those natural reasons to follow up with your clients.
Here is an example of a form that others in Fiitfu will use:

Once you set up your form & add it to your template, send an email to all of your clients and prospects letting them know you are updating your data base, and for filling out this form you will not only add them to your Birthday Club, but that their name will also be in the draw to win (choose one of your products) It is always nice to give an incentive to fill out a form 😊 Good luck.

Day 18
As you start to get people filling out your form, be sure to start using Fiitfu REPORTS to pull up your birthday report every month. You can add people also to a Birthday Funnel so that Fiitfu can do the work for you! Here is a video on how to set up a Birthday Funnel.

Day 19
Today we would like you to go to your Messages, and check out how clean your email list is. In the Messages Report, you will be able to see who’s email bounced, and which ones were delivered, opened and even clicked on. Be sure to reach out to those that hard bounced on either text, phone call or messenger so that you can update your data base 😊

Day 20
While you are under reports, why not check out who your top client has been this year? You can go to the reports area and pull your top 10 clients. When was the last time you reached out to them? Maybe it is time to reach out again.


Day 21
#fiitfu30daychallenge – It is a good challenge to ask yourself, “if any of my clients were to call me today, would I have quick access to all their information?”
If the answer is no, you may be losing out on potential sales, and the ability to make your clients feel like you are truly looking after them. Did you know that if you had a Fiitfu account, and a call came in, you could search for your clients information based on their phone number, first name, last name, email, interests, company name, address, party they were at, who referred them, what they ordered and more!!

Day 22
Go back to the list of people that you sent the email to on Day 17. If there are some of your clients that you haven’t filled out the form you sent. Feel free to give them a call, or send a text to make sure that they received your email, and that you would love to update their information, including getting their birthday so you can give them a special treat on their Birthday. Today your job is to call at least 10 of the ones that didn’t fill out the form (especially if they are a client you would like to continue to work with) Good luck!

Day 23
One of our CEO’s personal favorite quote is “Work Hard, Play Harder”. She strives to always have a great time and pack as much into her weekends and time that she has off. Today on day 23 of our #fiitfu30daychallenge we encourage you to take time off to ensure you have mental clarity, you enhance personal relationships, and you have a healthy balance of work life. Research from the Harvard Business Review shows:

“Our data shows that working during leisure time creates internal conflict between pursuing personal and professional goals, leading people to enjoy their work less.”

So enjoy your work more, and go have some time away from work! Happy Friday!

Day 24
Do you have some clients that you haven’t reached out to in the last 6 months? You may not If you have been following our challenge as you would have sent an email out two days ago to your data base, but perhaps you don’t have a correct email address, or you are communicating only via social media or text / phone. Today is the day to start working on these over 6 month contacted follow-ups! Break it down to an easy 3-5 per day until you have completed them all!

Day 25
Happy September 27th! During our #fiitfu30daychallenge we have been giving you things to do most days to stay on top of your follow up. How has this been going for you? Take a look back at some of the follow-ups that you have done this month, is it time to reconnect with some people you contacted at the beginning of the month? We all have different natural reasons to follow up with clients. List at LEAST 5 of yours, and put them into ACTION!

Day 26
Do you have some clients that you have “messed up with” in the past? Would you still like to have them as a client, but feel you have screwed up so bad that you won’t be able to get them back? Perhaps their order was delayed a LONG time, or you ordered the wrong product, or you haven’t follow up with them in a long time? Well you can turn things around, but your first step is getting your foot back in the door. We recommend sending an email with a bit of humor letting them know you are cleaning up your act 😊  In your Fiitfu account under TEMPLATES / FIITFU TEMPLATES you will find a couple of ideas on using humor to get your foot back in the door. 😊

Day 27
Pull up a report for all your clients that have a birthday in October! Send them all an email with what you want to give them for their “birthday month special”. If you have a Fiitfu Account, be sure to use our GIFT CERTIFICATES as a way of tracking who you gave a gift to, and who has redeemed them!

Day 28
Do you track your clients Wish List Items? If not go back to some of your clients that have purchased in the last 6 months and simply ask “do you have any items on your “wish list” you may like to have? I ask this because I will be having a Christmas time (or Thanksgiving) sale”. You can also ask if you do have a wish list item, would it be ok if I contacted your husband / friend / or others that may be purchasing you a gift this coming holiday season? A great way to follow-up and ensure your clients are getting what they want from you! Never let an opportunity fall through the cracks!

Day 29
Have you ever let a client fall through the cracks? These challenges are designed to help you NOT let people fall through the cracks. Your task today is to find some clients that you haven’t personally contacted with in the last year, and reach out to them in a meaningful way, use some ideas we have had here, birthdays, wish list items, reconnecting to update your client’s information, diving back into follow up, apologizing for not following up, missed birthdays or other big events. There are so many natural ways to follow up with your clients. Dig deep you can do it!

DAY 30!!!!
This 30 day challenge can really be done any Month! Go back and do it over again and again and watch your business grow in so many ways including:

• retention of clients and team members
• Confidence
• Organization
• Sales
• Referrals
• Testimonials
• Professionalism!
Your task today is to let us know how you did. Did you implement anything new, or perhaps you started following up on a more consistent basis? Share your success stories, we would love to hear them!

Celebrate your success! If you implemented just one new thing, or a multitude of things, know you are heading in the right direction!