Using Fiitfu Forms Will Make It Easier For You To Follow-Up

Acquiring updated information from your clients is a perfectly natural reason to follow-up with your list of contacts. In Fiitfu, we have online FORMS that allow you to add images, videos, ask questions and record all of the information directly in your Fiitfu account. Our customers use forms for some of these ideas including, but not limited to:

Joining a Birthday Club
Joining a VIP Group
New Team Member Goal Questionnaire
eBook Form (fill out form & receive our eBook, recipe, video, you get the idea)
Sample Request Form
Join my mailing list Form

When you have updated information about your clients, you can “tag” them so that you can follow-up in relevant ways. So if you need a reason to send out a form, what have you got to GIVE your client? A free sample, a contest to win one of your new products, a birthday gift because you have a birthday give away, a free cooking video, recipe, eBook or other things your clients may be interested?

The ideas are endless! Here are a few of ours, and click on this link to receive your Free eBook!

Login to your Fiitfu account today, and try out these forms! You will be glad that you did! Here is a little training video on our forms as well.