30 Days Will Come and Go, You May As Well Join The Flow

Well we are 1/2 way through our 30 day challenge.

Each day is filled with different ideas to get you back on track with Focus, Organization, Follow-up, and support!
If you missed some of our days, this blog is for you! Here is day 1-15 all layed out for you. Enjoy and JOIN!!

Day 1
September 01!! Although I don’t want to say goodbye to summer just yet, I do know that many of you will be ramping up your business as the kids head back to school, the temperature gets cooler and you want to reconnect with past and present customers. Join us on our 30 day Challenge, and overcome your fear of follow-up! Note if you will be joining us, head to our Facebook Page to tag a friend to join you!!

Fiitfu CRM 30 Day Challenge

Day 2
Over the summer it is easy to drop the ball on certain clients.
Your task today is to identify at least 10 clients that you have dropped the ball with over the summer. Now go back to your notes on these clients, and select some key “natural” reasons to follow up with them. What is a Natural Reason? – Think products they have purchased in the past, did you miss a birthday, did they go on a cool holiday you want to find out about, do they follow or play any sports that were part of the Olympics?
Make a list of all your clients and some key points and be sure to add these interests as well to your Fiitfu account!

Day 3
Today we challenge you to take that list from yesterday, and reach out to each of your clients in a natural way. Start with an email to get your foot back in the door, then remember to state in your email what your next follow up will be. Enjoy the read, and get back to following up! https://fiitfu.com/2021/09/following-up-in-natural-ways-is-easier-with-fiitfu/
Happy FRIDAY!!! And as you know it is Follow-Up Friday, so if you have been following us on our #fiitfu30daychallenge you will have a list of 10 people that you will want to follow-up with. If it has been a while since you connected with them, write them a personal message via email or messenger, and then let them know you will follow up in a week or two with (new sample, new catalogue, what is new with your company that sort of thing). Remember, first contact back is NOT a sales call. Just get your foot back in the door on neutral ground. It will be easier than you think, AND if they don’t respond, don’t worry, just follow up in a week like you said you would. Go get em!!

Day 4
Revisit your goals that you set at the beginning of the year and check in to where you are at now. Are your goals SMART goals (see blog entry), and are you on track? To make your goals , break them down and determine what you need to do each Month (only four left in the year) each week and ultimately each day to make these goals. I bet there will be some follow-up required to make this happen!!
Share your goals with your accountability partner so that you can have someone cheering you on 🙂 Good luck and never give up!

Day 5
So now you have your first 10 follow-ups completed, and you have taken a good look at your goals. Now we want to confirm what your Follow-Up plan will be moving forward. This plan is to be consistent with each of your clients. So be sure to write your plan down. Each person should be placed into a series of follow-ups based on their status. If it is a prospect, new customer, repeat customer or new team member, each will have a different process to follow. Lets put your plan in place and start following the process!!
Be sure to have a minimum of 12 steps for each plan. Watch for some statistics to find out why!!

Day 6
Today we want you to take the “Plan” you have put into place and add it to your Fiitfu account in our Funnels. If you are not a Fiitfu member, be sure that each of your contacts has at least 12 follow-ups over the year, and figure out a way to track your follow-ups for each client. If you want to see how Fiitfu Funnels work, this quick video shows how easy it is to use Funnels to stick with your follow-up process with each and every customer!
What Are Fiitfu Funnels

Day 7.
Now that you have your process in place for follow up, today we want you to go back to all your clients that have purchased from you in AUGUST! Did you do a 2 week follow-up with them yet? If not, today is your day (or take a couple of days to get this done depending on how many clients you had in August). This is an easy natural follow-up, one that is simply, “I wanted to reach out today as I know you ordered back in August, and I haven’t checked up to see how you are liking your products!? Do you have any questions that I can answer? Please pop me a quick line back so I know that you have received your items, and that you are enjoying them. I will follow up again as I have some new products I think you will like! Talk to you in a couple of weeks!”
Once you make this connection (by sending an email, text or making a phone call), now be sure that each and everyone of these clients has another follow up coming up in the next 2-4 weeks!

Day 8
Acquiring updated information from your clients is a perfect Natural reason to follow-up with your list of contacts. In Fiitfu, we have online FORMS that allow you to add images, videos, ask questions and record all of the information directly in your Fiitfu account. Our customers user forms for some of these ideas including, but not limited to:

Joining a Birthday Club
Joining a VIP Group
New Team Member Goal Questionnaire
eBook Form (fill out form, get the eBook, recipe, video)
Sample Request Form
Join my mailing list Form Login
New HOST form
New Customer form

Update your contacts information with FORMS. Let them know you have a birthday club, are giving away samples, have a prize or something else to encourage them to fill out your form 🙂

Day 9
Back on day 3 we asked you to reach out to 10 clients that you had “dropped the ball on”. Now it is time to reach out again if you haven’t heard back from them. You can ask them to fill out one of your forms (as per day 8, perhaps it is to join your birthday club, or a new sample request) or simply call them and ask them if they would like a sample of your new product. We like using forms as a way to find out where your client is at, always be sure to ask in your questions on forms if they are interested in a Sample, Hosting and Event, Purchasing Products or joining your business! It is a very subtle way of seeing what your clients and prospects are interested in. You can do this!

Day 10
Buy from someone in Direct sales & or collaborate with someone to have an open house together. Working together with a number of other Direct Sales individuals from different companies is a great way to expand your market, increase attendance, have fun and support your fellow Direct Sales acquaintances. 😊 Have fun, host an open house with this select group, and have each person commit to bringing guests as well.

Day 11
When we started Fiitfu, I had a couple of clients that sent us Before and After images of their desks, they went from papers everywhere, to a clean desk that enabled them to focus and get back to work.
Today’s task is to be sure that your desk is clean and clear of clutter. Take all those sticky notes that you have and put details, reminders, contacts and ideas in your Fiitfu account. You will be glad you did!

Day 12
Now that your desk is organized, time to remove overdue follow-ups off your plate. Many of our clients will ask how to move overdue follow-ups forward, or simply to just remove them all together as they want to start fresh. This video will walk you through how to move all of your tasks forward so you can slowly work on them as you do your follow-ups each day, OR you can choose to delete them all as well. Once this is done, no more red! If you don’t have a Fiitfu account, and have a paper calendar or using some other form of Calendar, we also challenge you to move any follow-ups that you haven’t done yet forward, be sure you never let anyone fall through the cracks!

Day 13
This is an easy one for you all. If you are running a business, and sending emails, please be sure to purchase your own domain name! It is easy to do, inexpensive and looks so much more professional.
Read this quick blog entry for more information on why having your own domain name will make you look so much more professional.

Day 14
More follow up ideas. How did your follow up go with all your clients that ordered back in August ( see day 7). You may have got some people returning your emails or messages, but if not, that is ok! Be sure that all of the people that ordered in August have another follow up set up for October, two months after they ordered from you. If you have added them to a funnel in Fiitfu then you are all set! Now let’s go back to all those that ordered in JULY – That is two months ago already. This is a time to reach out to each of them for your 2 month follow up. You can ask things like:
How are you liking your products?
Do you have any questions that I can answer for you?
Would you like me to re-order any items for you?
If you have any products you would recommend that would go well with what they purchased, this would be a great time to introduce those products and send them a sample.

Day 15
Ask for a referral or a testimonial! If you have clients that love you, and love your product, they will probably give you a referral and / or a testimonial if you ask for one. Did you know that 91 % of satisfied customers will give a referral, but only 11% of us will ask for a referral?* Time to pull up your socks and get out there and ask for a referral. My challenge to you today is to ask at least 10 people today for a referral. You can do it!
*Dale Carnegie
When tracking referrals, be sure to add any referrals to your contacts profile. Fiitfu will track your referrals for you:)

15 more days to go, and won’t it be fun to see what you have accomplished in 30 days!