High Five Day Challenge

On April 10, 2021 Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc hosted a challenge that was not only fun for our members, but as well very educational!

We wanted to be sure that you had easy access to see what the challenge entailed, what some of the training was and who the winner of the challenge was in the end ūüôā

Enjoy doing this challenge if you are new to Fiitfu, if you need a refresher, or if you are thinking of trying out Fiitfu ūüôā¬† You can see some of the posts on our Facebook Page while other posts will be shared on our Facebook Group for Members only.¬† Feel free to request to join if you are a Fiitfu Member!

DAY 1 Tasks

  1. ¬†Log into your Fiitfu account & complete at least 5 follow-ups – must use record a meeting to journalize what you did and create a new follow up for this same client.¬† Training:¬† 1. How to use “record a meeting” https://fiitfu.freshdesk.com/…/9000145354-how-to-i…
  2. Write your WHY (or change to reflect what is driving you this month)
  3. Clear out any Overdues – Training: How do I move my overdue follow ups forward? – https://fiitfu.freshdesk.com/…/9000112828-how-do-i-move..

Day 2 Tasks

  1. ¬† Be sure you have a 2+2+2 funnel, and add 5 recent clients to this funnel!¬† Training:¬† Step 1 is head to your FUNNELS tab along the top, and look under Company Funnels. https://fiitfu.freshdesk.com/…/9000118179-where-do-May be an image of text that says 'Company Funnels 2+2+2 NEW CLIENT Add New Consultant Funnel new clients to this unne Add new onsultants to this funnel View Copy View Copy'
  2. ¬† Take the 5 people from above, and add their orders to Fiitfu.¬† Training:¬† How to use Orders Tab https://fiitfu.freshdesk.com/…/9000127750-how-do-i…
  3. ¬† Pull 5 people that you haven’t contacted personally* in over 6 months, and call them to see how they are doing.¬† Be sure to use Record a Meeting, and book your next follow-up with them.¬† *personally contact meaning, not just your monthly emails that go out to everyone on your email list.

Day 3 Tasks

  1.   Go to REPORTS, and pull up your Birthday Report to see who has birthdays this month.  Training:  https://youtu.be/tRxVsKqBrzg
  2.   Go to REPORTS, and pull up your top customers from this year so far.
  3.  Choose 5 people from the above lists who you would like to reconnect with and create a Gift Certificate on Fiitfu for them.   Training:  https://youtu.be/8Dl8Gp8DyyQ
  4.   Watch the above videos, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Day 4 Tasks

  1.  Watch the video on FORMS and create a Birthday Form that you can share with your customers.  Training:  https://fiitfu.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/9000192046-what-is-a-form-
  2. ¬† Create a Birthday Funnel and add your clients to this birthday funnel¬† (we now have three templates for you to use for your Birthday Funnel).¬† Training:¬† https://fiitfu.freshdesk.com/…/9000122540-how-do-i-set...
  3. Create a reoccurring follow-up¬† – Can be for Birthdays, renewal reports, monthly meetings, monthly or weekly check in’s with your team members etc.
  4. Think of other ways you can use Fiitfu.¬† Training:¬† https://fiitfu.com/…/is-it-business-only-when-it-comes…/

Day 5 Tasks

  1.  Write down 3-5 reasons why you love using Fiitfu, and post them here:
  2. Share one of the FORMS you have created on your Fiitfu account below to share with others
  3. If you don’t have one already, purchase your own Domain Name for your business!¬† Read this blog as to why this is so important 5 Tips to Make your Email Address More Professional

We hope you all had a Happy High Five Day, and thanks to everyone that participated!

The Winner Is…