How to edit images to upload to Fiitfu CRM – Quick and Easy!!

We at Fiitfu CRM Solutions have had emails over the years of asking why photo’s don’t upload to Fiitfu, or if they do upload, why do they upload sideways?
This blog is to show you a couple of tips on how to edit your images!

1.  If you have an image that is to large, use Snipping Tool on your PC, or screen shot on your Mac ( Shift, Command and 4) and save your new image. It will be less than 2MB and you can now upload that into Fiitfu.

If you don’t think you have Snipping Tool, try typing in Snipping Tool on your “Type here to search” area on your computer, and it should come right up.  It is free and super useful!!
2.  If your image is sideways, it is probably saved that way on your computer (even though it looks like it is right side up on your computer). Do the same thing with Snippit and resave.  It will now upload correctly.
Last tip, if you do have a sideways image, and want to move it upright, check out PAINT on your PC, there is a ROTATE option for you.
For Paint, I can use a Screen shot, or the Snipping Tool and paste it into Paint.
Once I paste the image into Paint, I can rotate my image.
Give it a try, it is a super easy and quick fix that you will love to have access to for many projects 🙂
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