Fiitfu CRM will keep you organized in your personal and business life!

Fiitfu CRM is a great tool to organize your clients, prospects and team members, but why not also use it for your personal information as well.

I started using my Fiitfu account more personally when my daughter left elementary school to head to High School.  I didn’t want to forget all the amazing people, teachers and friends that she (and I) had met along the way, so I created a profile for her.

In her profile I could note her teachers names over the years, her best friends in each year.  Then I thought, well I may as well create a profile for more personal connections.

When I added these personal connections, I realized how easy it was to document kids birthdays, siblings names, any allergies, other family members and more.  These people are part of our community, and I want to be sure that I stay connected with them, and easily find their information and details about them.

Think of all the other information you could track outside of business: gardeners, dentists, doctors, parents friends, birthdays for friends and families, hairdressers, piano tuners, accountants – whatever you need!

To give you an example of usage – my accountants profile has reminders to send receipts for charitable donations, or my daughters sporting and school activity costs.

In the Events Tab,  I create email lists for personal events, family gatherings, fundraising efforts and more.  Oh, and now that my daughter has her own little business, she also has her own Fiitfu account to teach her how to create invoices, track clients interests and more.

Starting using Fiitfu for more than just business.  Set reminders for yourself, track your friends allergies, keep track of your friends birthdays, anniversaries and more in Fiitfu.  Why not, you log in every day, you may as well keep the details of your friends and family as well 🙂

Remember, be it customer or friend, it is the little things you remember that make a big difference.

Remember, Fortune Is In The Follow-up – Birthdays are a great natural reason to follow-up!   Check out this great blog on how and why to follow-up with clients on their birthdays.