Why Are Testimonials So Powerful?

As we navigate through these uncharted waters of Covid 19, many of us are having to increase our online marketing efforts and find material that will help sell products.

One of your most valuable resources when it comes to marketing, are your present customers, and their testimonials.  If you don’t presently use testimonials, it is easy to get started.   I am sure you can think of some people that have said how much they love your product (either verbal or written) and now your job will be to follow-up with them to ask if you can use that testimonial.  Here are 6 Tips on working with your clients and their testimonials:

  1.  Call your customer and THANK THEM for sending in their testimonial (or for giving you a testimonial in the past).  Then, ask them if you can use their testimonial in your marketing material.  Be sure to write the testimonial as you remembered it, or copy what they have sent to you, and email it to your client so that they can approve that you use that wording.  PLUS GET APPROVAL TO USE THEIR NAME!    It is also always nice to have their image.  Here are a couple of testimonials from our clients:



2.  Now be sure to journalize all of your testimonials.  Keep them all in one place so you can refer to them easily and find them when you need them.  If you are a  Fiitfu client, add the “Testimonial” interest to a client’s profile so you can quickly search for everyone that has give you a testimonial.

3.  Share these testimonials on Social Media!  As you can see, we even share posts from Facebook so that others can see what our clients are saying on different platforms.  This is a great way to encourage “trust” and allowing someone from social media posts to gain trust in you and your products without having to meet you in person.

4.  Create a Testimonial area on your website or your blog – then link to your testimonials in your newsletter that you send out.  Change up the testimonials every once in a while to keep it interesting and fresh.

5.  When you have a new client, send them a welcome letter with a testimonial that is specific to the products that they have purchased from you.

6.  If you get a testimonial from someone that has a business, or is in sales, always be sure to help promote their business as well.  If they agree, add their website to their testimonial you are posting, this gives them extra exposure.  Plus of course, offer your testimonials to them for any products you may have purchased from them.


We are always learning on what will work in our Social post, but never forget, a Testimonial can help seal a deal!

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