Birthday’s are a great reason to connect.

Wondering if you should connect with your clients on their birthday?  Here are 5 reasons we think you should.

#1.  Natural Follow-up – A follow-up call is not always a sales call.  You need to have other reasons to call your clients, and birthdays are a great reason.  Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday, and to be remembered.  Make your clients feel a little special with a simple call or email.

#2.  Improved Email Open Rate – Birthday promotions are a great way to get your emails opened.  If you have a birthday promotion, be sure to send it out to your clients with a subject line that shows that you are giving them something.  Now, before you send it, be sure to ask yourself “would I consider this a gift on my birthday?”  Here are some ideas for Birthday “gifts”:

  • Send free samples and a catalogue in the mail with a little “happy birthday” note
  • Offer Free Shipping on a clients birthday
  • Give a $20.00 Gift Certificate to your client to spend on what they want
  • Send an item you have in stock to your client, and be sure to follow-up a week later to see how they are enjoying it.

#3.  Update Client Profile – Birthdays are a great way to update your client profiles!  You can send a message to your customers like this ” I have a fun birthday treat for you and I want to be sure that I have all your up to date contact information before your birthday rolls around.  Please CLICK HERE to make sure you get your gift!”   Take a look at an example of a form that you can create in Fiitfu to directly update your customers’ information.

#4.  Reconnecting – If you haven’t been in touch with a client for a while, an email or a phone call on a birthday is a great way to reconnect.  Remember, this call is all about them, not you.  Don’t try to sell them anything, just reconnect and say “I am sorry I haven’t contacted you in so long.  I noticed it was your birthday and I am calling just to let you know that I am thinking of you and hope you have a wonderful day.”  A short and sweet phone call is a great way to get back in touch, and if the call goes to voicemail make sure to leave a message with the same wording.  Then, Follow-Up by sending them a sample and a new catalogue in the mail as a small gift.

#5.  Enhances relations – People buy from people.  When someone knows you are thinking of them during special occasions, they will appreciate you even more.  This will strengthen your client / consultant relationship for years to come.

Happy Birthday Planning!  Have fun with it, be creative and keep connected with your clients.