2020 is here, and we want you to Work It Baby!

Step 1 – Reconnecting with customers you dropped the ball on.

At Fiitfu we always talk about follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

And many of you will say, OK I hear you, but how do I do it?

This year we are going to support you along the way with tips each week on how to reconnect and stay connected with your clients.

The bottom line, the more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to follow-up with them.

So your first thing to do, get yourself a Fiitfu account so that you can join us in this year long journey of building your business!

Now that you have your Fiitfu account, be sure to join our Facebook Group for Fiitfu Members only! We will share challenges, ideas, questions, do live training and more in this group.

Our first task is to get you reconnected with your past customers!  In December we worked with a group, The Elite Suite, and gave them this challenge.  The response back was overwhelming that it works!  Customers appreciate you staying connected with them, so if you feel you have been a bit out of touch with your clients, here are the first steps in reconnecting with past clients:


  1.  Create an email that you can send to your past customers that you haven’t contacted in over 6 months (and you can still connect with people that you haven’t contacted in 2 years, just because you dropped the ball doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you again).  Your email will be a simple “Sorry I have dropped the ball when it came to following up with you and I am truly sorry.  I value my clients, and you deserve much better customer service than what I have given to you.  If you don’t mind, I will follow up with a call in the next couple of weeks to see how you are doing and to update my records.”   You can use some simple cute graphics to help you reconnect like the ones here.
  2. After you send this email, be sure you follow-up with them!  Put a date in your Fiitfu account with a reminder to follow-up with them.  An idea is to simply ask them for their Birthday so you can add them to your Birthday Club (we will talk about this in the coming weeks).  If you leave a message that is  OK!  If you don’t hear back, that is still OK!  We will walk you through how to continue to follow-up with this group, as well as other groups in the days to come.
  3. Now when customers email you back, or you chat with them, be sure to document everything you talked to them about.  Don’t worry, you can add this to your journal for your client in Fiitfu, and Fiitfu will now track your last contact date for each customer, so you can start searching for clients based on their last contact date (not to mention a bunch of other ways as well.)

Lets start here for the beginning of the year, next week we will be giving you some other ideas on how to ensure you stay connected with your customers from November and December 2019.