Time to follow-up with your Holiday Clients!

During the holidays, there is always a flurry of activity going on for your personal and business life!

If you consider all of your Vendor Events, Hostess Parties, and even Open Houses that you had in November and December, you probably have some client follow-ups to be catching up on.  How did you track your events in 2019?  Hopefully you know exactly who your host was, who was at the event and who bought what.

Here are some tips on getting organized with those Holiday Events, so that you can easily refer back to them for repeat sales, and great customer service!

Head to your Fiitfu account and:

  1.  Created an event and be sure to back date it to when it was held. Be sure to track each event in Fiitfu regardless if it was a vendor show, home party, open house, even an email campaign, these should all be noted in your events area.
  2. Add all guests to each event, this allows you to send emails to the group “Great to meet you in November at the STA Christmas Fair” and you will have quick access to see where and when you first met someone.  Having this information makes correspondence with each client much smoother 🙂
  3. Be sure to record your orders from each client!  Many of you will have stock left over from your events (tips on selling stock) or perhaps your company is selling off products from the Holiday Line.  When you record your orders, you can track who bought specific items, and you can do a very targeted sale to these clients.  For example, I bought my daughter for Christmas a Holiday set from a Beautycounter consultant.  Now that same set is on sale, she emails me and says “Mary-Jane, I know you bought this for your daughter for Christmas, and I hope she is loving the products.  If so, you may want to pick up another set as they are now on sale for 40% off original price and quantities are limited”.   If my consultant emailed me that, I would be on that sale for sure if we liked the products.  Targeted or relevant emails like this get a much higher open rate, and – as stated by Jupiter Research – can drive up to 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

If you don’t do the above, the least you should be doing is calling or emailing all of your customers from November and December to wish them a Happy New Year and to ensure they are loving the products that you sold to them.

Want some tips on how to reconnect with customers from 6 months or more ago?  Be sure to check out our first blog of the year “Work Your Business In 2020”  it will give you some great ideas on staying connected!

Join us next week with more tips on staying connected in 2020!!