How to stay on track with your 2020 goals

January is coming to a close, and unfortunately so are some of the strong drives to accomplish our 2020 goals!  According to U.S. News & World report, 80% of New Years resolutions fail by February.

Good news is you are one of the ones that can be in the 20% that don’t fail.

These 5 SMART tips will ensure you stay on track when it comes to accomplishing your goals.  So grab a piece of paper & pen and write down your goals in the following categories:

  1.  Business Goal
  2. Financial Goal
  3. Self Development Goals
  4.  Personal Life / Relationship Goals
  5.  Fitness  / Health Goals
  6.  Spiritual Goals

Remember, when setting any goals, you will want to ensure that they are SMART goals!!

A SMART goal helps you clearly state what your intention is and to give it a deadline.

SMART stands for:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound

SPECIFIC.   Be sure that your goals are very clear and concise.  For example, “In 2020 I am going to sell $15,000 in products each month and increase my salary by $30,000 this year”.

MEASURABLE.  By being specific with your goals (such as a number and  time-frame), you make them very measurable.  $15,000 is easy to measure, and you can break it down to weekly, or even daily goals to give you bench marks.  Same with your salary, if you know you want to make $30,000 more this year, your monthly increase should be $2500 per month.

ATTAINABLE.  Are you being realistic in your goals?  In doing the above math you will be able to see if what you want to accomplish is actually attainable.  Are they really attainable, and are you willing to put in what it takes to get there? Goals can be lofty at times, but as long as they are realistic in the time frame that you set, you will not be disappointed.   For instance, If you want to sell $15,000 in products each month,  do you have what it takes, the skill, the team, the hours in a day to sell over $3750 per week, $535.00 per day?

RELEVANT.  Do your goals mean something to you?  If you are making goals that don’t align with what you want, then you have less cause to make them happen.  Make sure you are true to yourself.  “A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot!”

TIME-BOUND.  What is the time frame for your goals?  Remember, a goal with out a deadline is just a dream.

One extra tip for you, keep your goals where you will see them each day.   Reading your goals will motivate you to complete the tasks necessary to keep moving in the right direction.


People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.

-Earl Nightingale