Raising kids that can function in today’s society can be difficult, but these tips may help

Being that it is Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States, I was reflecting on how important it is for our society to eat together.  One of the rules in our home is that you never eat alone, and we always have a sit down dinner no matter how late or early it may be due to activities outside of school.  As a parent it can be hard to know right from wrong when it comes to raising your kids,  I am far from being a specialist in this arena, however I do know that from my own personal background and experience, as well as my husbands, we were able to determine which values we wanted to instill in our daughter.
Here are a few habits which researchers have found contribute to steering kids toward a successful trajectory.  I have added a couple of reference articles  so that you can make your own judgement on what your household rules should be.

  1.  Swimming lessons – Swimming is a life skill, and a safety skill, one that could save a life.  We live on the West Coast close to the ocean and lakes.  Not only is swimming fun, but it is also for safety so swimming lessons for us non-negotiable.
  2. Music Lessons – Music is a universal language that will be used for the rest of your life.  Not only that, but playing music refines discipline and patience, it can boost self esteem, and it improves academic skills.    Our daughter now plays the Piano and Ukulele and at the age of 14 started to teach our neighbors kids as well.  Here is another great article for reference as well on 18 Wonderful Ways Music affects the brain.
  3. Team Sports – I think we all know the benefits of team sports, but when your kids say they don’t want to go to practice, or to a game it is important to let them know they are part of a TEAM and as a team member, you have an obligation to be there.     Therefore, skipping a game or practice unless you have a really good reason (like having the flu) is not negotiable.
  4.  Eating Together – This one is a big one in our family.  Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, if someone is eating, they will always have company at the table.  Dinners are a great time for us to talk about the day, plan for the coming days and to stay connected.  I came across this article on 5 things you can do to raise successful kids.  I hope you enjoy the read!

I suppose the best we can do is love our kids, have traditions that carry on each year, and have house rules that are clear and consistent.  Your kids will thank you for it in the end 🙂