Not ready to fully shut down?  Work your business where the summer takes you!

The temperature is starting to rise, and with that comes planning summer vacations!  Kids will be out of school soon, and we will want to dedicate less time to the office, and more time to family and fun.

If you don’t have the luxury of taking the entire summer off, then we recommend using Fiitfu so you can take your work where summer leads you.

Using Fiitfu as your Virtual Office comes with many benefits.  Here are a few tips for making each day more relaxing and successful.

  1.  Create some automated emails for your customers and consultants.  While you are on summer holiday, Fiitfu can do the work for you with our funnels!
  2.  Be sure your Fiitfu account is up to date with your most recent customers and orders.  This way when you are away on holiday, you can still stay connected with these new clients.  Show them how much you value them by continuing to do your 2+2+2 follow-ups.  (and yes you can have this automated on your Fiitfu account)
  3.  Choose an hour each day that you would like to dedicate to working on your business, and let your clients know when you will get back to them.  This is key to manage their expectations, as well as your Teams expectations of you.
  4.   Don’t forget to charge your laptop in the evening!  I like to work outside in the summer – being in nature, in trees, or by the ocean – you will be surprised how inspirational this can be!
  5.   Dedicate days to being off line 100%.  We all need a break some days!    So when you say you are going off your computer, make sure you stay off.
  6.   Tell your family your schedule so they also know what to expect.  I often will wake up before my family, so this is a great time for me to have some quiet time on the deck while the house is quiet and there are no family expectations of me.
  7.   Have fun!  You joined your Direct Sales Business so that you can take this time off.  A little bit of follow-up each day will do wonders for your business.  It is the best way to feel guilt free, and keep your business running smoothly all summer long.

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