Making the most of each and every day!

The majority of our clients at Fiitfu work from their own home office, some very efficiently, and some of you are still working on that efficiency!     Here are the top tips we have heard from Direct Sales Professionals on making the most out of your work day at home.


  1. Create a functional workspace.  Have a clean work space that allows you to focus on work, not on the items on your desk.  Trash your stash, put your papers in piles (or better yet in files in your drawers), clean the surface of your workspace and stay clutter free.  Be sure your phone is close by and you have all the tools you need at your workplace so you can get started and stay focused.
  2. Establish a work schedule.  The best thing you can do for yourself is respect your time and place a value on it.  Working from home allows a greater flexibility, but if you don’t set ‘hours’ for yourself, you may never sit down to get to work.
  3. Set Limits on your time.   Many people think because you work from home that you have TONS of time to run around for them.  Remember, your time is valuable and your work time is just as important.
  4. Create a ‘traffic light’ to avoid interruptions.  If your working hours are during times that other people are in the house, create a signal for them to know when you should not be interrupted.  A simple colored system of red, yellow and green helps even young children know when not to knock and interrupt you.
  5. Create a ‘to-do’ list for each working day.  By creating a list of what you need to get done for that day, you know when you are done working no matter how many interruptions you’ve had.   Fiitfu is great for this as all your tasks for the day are listed right on your dashboard!
  6. Maintain a professional attitude.  The allure of working from home is often that you get to work in your pajamas!  But getting up and dressed helps to maintain a professional attitude that you want your customer and team members to see and hear.
  7. Be sure to get face-time with team members.  When you have a large team of members that also work from home, it is important to get regular face-time with them.  Try to schedule regular meetings where you get together in person.  If you can’t because of geography, make sure to use a web-cam to make team members that are further away feel included.  Most of the teams we work with use as their video sharing choice.
  8. Hire to your weaknesses.  As you run your business, you will find you have time for the income producing activity, but maybe not as much time to create email templates, graphics, accounting, create automated funnels or other things you know you should be doing in your business.  This is where it is very important to “Master your Strengths, and outsource your Weaknesses” .  As a Fiitfu member, you have the option to Hire our staff to upload contacts, track orders, create templates and more.
  9. Time Yourself.  If you tend to go back to your office in the evening, be sure to set a limit on the time you will work.  Sleep is important, and although it is easy to work late into the evening, you will want to be sure to set your clock and unwind a bit before heading to bed.
  10. Turn your phone and social media interruptions off.  Research shows that text messages, social media posts and emails can take hours of productivity from every single day.  Be sure to turn your phone off and focus on the task at hand.   Gain back those lost hours 🙂
  11. Enjoy your flexibility!  You have your own business for a reason!  Take lots of breaks, go for coffee or lunch with friends, get outside and enjoy life!  Giving yourself some SELF time will be key to prolonged success.  Self comes first, then family, then business.


If you have more tips on working from home, please be sure to share them with us!    Have a great day.