12 Natural Follow-Ups for a new customer.

At Fiitfu we often talk about having “natural” ways to follow up with clients.  Examples of  natural ways to follow-up would look like:

  • An email on their birthday month letting them know your birthday special
  • A call 7 days after an order to ensure that they received their products
  • A call or text when the product they have ordered is going on Sale or is going out of stock so they can re-order!

So let me give you 12 Natural ways to follow-up with a brand new client.  This can also be set up in a funnel in Fiitfu so you never forget!

  1. Once an order is placed, be sure to send an email “thanks for their order”.
  2. Two days after an order is placed, call client to let them know their order is in, and is there anything else that they need to add to the order?  You can even recommend something based on what they have already ordered.
  3. 7 days after order, call or email to confirm that their order has arrived and all is going well?
  4. 14 days call or email to see if they are enjoying their products, and do they have any questions about the products.
  5. 2 months after order, check in to see if it is time to re-order.
  6. 1 year after, send them a “happy anniversary” note, it was one year ago today that you placed an order with me!!

7, 8 and 9: Now along with the above natural follow-ups, you throw in three follow-ups during their birthday month, (one at the beginning of the month letting them know your birthday specials, an email on their actual birthday and an email at the end of the month to ensure they take advantage of your special.  Birthday funnels are a great way of getting this done!)

10.  Call or email your customer when a new product arrives that may be of interest to them because: they have ordered it before, they have kids that would benefit from the order, a new product complements a product they already have.  Perhaps send them a sample of your new product!

11.  Call a client when products they have ordered in the past is on sale (or going to be discontinued).  You can see how tracking what your clients purchase is very important.

12.  Reach out for holidays – have an open house and invite them personally to your home for being an amazing client and for helping to support your business.


Imagine if you did these 12 follow-ups with each of your customers what your repeat business may look like 🙂

Don’t delay, get your plan in action today.  At Fiitfu, we are here to help.