Customer are out there shopping, but will they shop with you?

When you don’t stay connected with your clients, alternatives like Amazon or local shops will be resourced to buy holiday gifts.

Fortune Is In The Follow Up is what we always preach at Fiitfu.  When you make a consistent effort to stay connected with your clients throughout the year, running promotions like the one below can prove to be very effective in increasing your sales!

Creating a 12 Days of Christmas Promo

Now that December is here… it is time to plan how to best keep your clients engaged.
The 12 Days of Christmas is a fun idea for you to stay connected with your customers, increase your sales, and reduce any stock you may have at home.


Steps to Create your 12 days of Christmas Promo! 

Choose a different product each day that you will discount to your clients.  These items are often great if you have them in stock, or you can do a quick order for them and have them delivered quickly.  Don’t say you can get them before Christmas if you can’t fulfill that claim.

Each day you will unveil a new sale item.  This builds excitement and anticipation, plus gives your customers a reason to open your emails, or head to your social media pages!  It is wise to determine your products before you launch this sale 🙂  Get your images together and ready to post on Social Media or send in an email.

Deliver added value for your clients.  Is there a video you can share that will go with your product, for example, if you are selling food, do you have a recipe link you can add to the email or social media post.  If you are selling makeup do you have a video on how to apply this product.  If you are selling  jewelry, do you have an image of someone wearing that item.
Keep in mind, making the email (or post) simple to read is imperative to your emails being a success.   Have a photo of your item, with the pricing on it and a Call To Action like “Limited Supply buy now” or “Grab this one before it is gone”

An image like this on social media, or at the top of your email will make it clear and concise!

Wrap up your 12 days of Christmas Sale with an Open House and invite your clients for one last sale before Christmas, along with some Christmas Cheer.

Other Ideas

Develop all your templates for the 12 days of Christmas now, and create a funnel so that your emails can be preset to go out on your Fiitfu Account.

Announce to your clients what you will be doing, and to watch for your emails – social media posts.

Deliver your emails and posts the same time each day  so that your customers know when to expect them.

Ask your clients if their spouses should receive these promotions emails.   Many Husbands (or significant others) would appreciate gift ideas for their spouse!

Create an Event in Fiitfu so that you can track your sales for your 12 Days of Christmas sale.

This is just one way to stay connected with your clients in December.    Start here, and lets ensure that 2019 will be your best sales year by using Fiitfu daily!!