Use 3 words, if you want your emails opened.

Our last blog post highlighted 5 tips on improving your email open rate, and we wanted to share some great statistics with you on one of those tips – your Subject Line.

The most common length for an email subject line is 7 words.  This doesn’t seem too long, as you usually have lots of information to communicate in an email, however; having too many words will DECREASE your open rate by over 5% compared to an email with a subject line that is only 3 words.   A study conducted by Sendgrid shows that 3 word subject lines have the highest engagement rates (21.2%, compared to 17.2% overall and 15.8% for 7 word subject lines).

While being limited to three words can make it difficult when you have a lot to say, it makes you choose wisely.  These statistics will help with what NOT to use in your Email Campaigns:
“Free” – when using the word Free, there is a significant decrease in the open rate-  13.1% versus 17.2% for subject lines without “free”.

“Today” – another good reason to think ahead of time on your emails and be prepared.  Subject lines referring to “yesterday” and “tomorrow” have higher engagement rates (20.5% and 22.3%, respectively) than “today” (11.8%).

Hash Tags and URLs – avoid both Hashtags (#) and URL’s (website addresses) in your subject line as they perform poorly

Spam Words  – There are a variety of “spam words” that can shoot your emails directly into the SPAM or Junk folder.  Here is a list of SPAM words to avoid in your subject line when emailing about your business or your sales:

Additional Income Be your own boss Compete for your business
Double your Earn $ Earn extra cash
Earn per week Expect to earn Extra income
Home based Home employment Homebased business
Income from home Make $ Make money
Money making Online biz opportunity Online degree
Opportunity Potential earnings University diplomas
While you sleep Work at home Work from home
As seen on Buy Buy direct
Buying judgments Clearance Order
Order status Orders shipped by shopper