Personalize Your Messages To Improve Open Rates

Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas Sales, Boxing Day….

There will be a lot of emails in your inbox in the next 2 1/2 months, so which ones will YOU open?
What will get your customers to open YOUR messages?  According to Tellwise: an average buyer gets 100+ emails per day, opens just 23%, and clicks on only 2% of them.

Here are a few tips  to ensure you are getting the best possible open rate and highest return on the time you spend creating your emails:

#1.  Let’s start on your email content, make it shorter and focused on 1 or 2 specific products that you would like to promote.  If you have too much to look at, nothing will stand out.

#2.  Send yourself a Test Email FIRST and check that all the website and social media links work properly.  Make sure that the links open a new tab or window in your web browser.  Check out this Fiitfu Support Article on how to hyperlink a website in your Fiitfu Message Templates and have it display it in a new window.

#3.  Send your emails out on a Tuesday, statistically, Tuesdays have a higher open rate compared to other weekdays (Source:  Experian)

#4.  Personalize your emails.  Fiitfu gives you so many ways to email your Contacts: how you met them, what Events they have been to, what their Interests are, what they have purchased in the past and more!  Use this knowledge to personalize your emails. You can still send emails to groups of Contacts, and taking the time to do this will give you a 14% increase in click-through rates, and increase your conversion rates by over 10%.  (source:  Aberdeen Group)

#5. Make sure your Subject Line is well thought out.  Subject lines that create a sense of urgency and exclusivity can give a 22% higher open rate (source: Email Institute) and up to 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. (source: Convince and Convert)

Imagine how relevant this subject line would be to someone who has to avoid gluten:  Mary, I know you will appreciate this information being Gluten Sensitive

Relevant emails drive 18 time more revenue than Broadcast emails.  So take the time to track the things your clients are interested in, and start seeing the return on your emails!

Not sure how to track your clients?  Fiitfu will solve that problem, start your 30 Day Free Trial Today!