Mothers Day is a Wonderful Reason to Connect with your Clients.

Like birthdays, Mothers Day is another “natural reason” to follow-up with your clients.

Run a report from your Fiitfu account to see who your top clients are for this year so far (or you can even pull a report on your top clients from last year) and send them a little note of appreciation.

You can use one of our templates that we supply to you, or feel free to build your own.

This is a great time to let mothers know how much you appreciate them supporting your business.  So send out those Mothers Day Emails, and let your clients know how much you appreciate them!   You may want to consider offering your top purchasers a free gift with purchase, or a percentage off of their next order with you.  In the end, you will be happy you invested both the time to make a solid connection on such a special day.


Here is how to pull your report in Fiitfu:

  1. Head to the reports tab as indicated in the screen capture below
  2. Then choose the date range that you want to see your top clients in
  3. From here, you can send an email to everyone that is in this list, or email those that you want to send your special to


Here are three different mothers day templates you can choose from!

Remember, keep your emails concise and to the point, don’t put to much text into your emails, you have a short period of time to catch the reader’s attention, so be sure your message is clear and bold.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you!