Today’s Tip for Connecting with the Cheerleader Client

Often when we are giving out our follow-up ideas at Fiitfu, we will ask you to “Choose 5 of your best clients”.  But BEST CLIENTS can come in all different shapes and sizes, and it is not always related to sales.

Here are 6 different categories of “Best Clients”, and a great way to follow-up with Type 6.

6 Types of “Best Clients”

  1.  Referrers: The client that refers you to the most people.  These clients may not even purchase from you, but they are always sending people your way!  LOVE these ones, they help your business grow continuously.
  2. Ravers: Similar to #1, you have clients that are the ones that are constantly giving you testimonials or “Kudo’s” to everyone about your product or business.  She may be the one at every gathering that goes on about you and your products and tells people to buy!   These are like your “sales people”.
  3. Regulars: Clients that purchase on a regular basis, either on autoship, or because they call you, or you call them and they purchase monthly.  This is the customer that gives you some consistency in your business.  Very important for those commissions 🙂
  4. Super Shoppers: Clients that purchase large volumes when they do buy from you.  These are the ones that when you catch them at the right time, they will stock up on products, and purchase extras for gifts as well.  These are great clients, but beware, if you don’t follow-up, they could do the same thing with another consultant, or worse with another company.
  5. Serial Hostesses: The client that hosts the most events for you.  Hosts are important to introduce you to more people.  Clients that open up their homes to help your business take a lot of energy to clean the home, invite guest, have guest, serve food and after it is all done clean up again.
  6. Cheerleaders: Then there is the client that may not purchase anything from you, however they come to your events so that you have butts in the seats.  These clients are your “cheerleaders”, and although they may not purchase,  or join your business, the act of them being there is one that may be more supportive then you can realize.

So today, for Follow up Friday, we challenge you to choose 5 of these “Cheerleader” clients, the one you may not even think have been that important to your business growth.

We recommend you give them a call and say the following:

Hi Mary, I wanted to wish you a great (Memorial Day) weekend, and I wanted to thank you for being such a great client.  You may not realize this, but the fact that you have attended so many of my events, and supported me emotionally make a HUGE difference.  I can’t thank you enough for that.  It is because of people like you, that I feel confident in my presentation, my product and my business.  So have a great weekend knowing that you make a huge difference to me.”


It is important that we have cheerleaders in our lives.  Those that believe in us, encourage us, and take time out of their schedule to listen again and again.  You never know when these people may decide to join your team, and in turn, you will be there for them 🙂

Fiitfu’s tips when you complete this challenge:

  1. Document your conversation using Record a Meeting, including what and when your next follow-up will be with this Contact.
  2. Create these 6 different client types as interests so you can email groups, or do a quick search for these different type of clients
  3.  Create a task on your Fiitfu account to do the same thing for each of these client types for next week.
  4. Continue to add people to these lists in Fiitfu as you acquire new customers.

Have fun, and remember Fortune Is In The Follow-Up