Stay In The Race by Tracking Statistics

At Fiitfu, we believe in tracking everything you do, so that when something works: you keep doing it!  And when you do something that needs an adjustment, you are able to tweak it based on your past outcomes.

Here are a few things that you should be tracking for your Direct Sales business, start with these 4, then take it one step further:

1.  Home Based Socials– When someone hosts an event for you (or you host one yourself), track who attended the event, total sales for the event, games/giveaways you did, the cost and how many people did booked a meeting or another event with you

2.  Vendor Shows –  Record who came to your table, what were your visitors’ interest in your business, how did you draw people to your booth, what would you do next time, cost of booth, and total sales

3.  Networking Meetings – If you spend money to go to networking meetings, note whom you’ve met at these events, and if you are building relationships and/or creating referrals from these meetings.

4. Email Campaigns – When you send out an email campaign, measure who purchased, what you offered, what your top selling products where and how successful it was in terms or responses and sales

Along with all of these different “Events” (that you can track on Fiitfu) you will also want to record your Goals!  Remember to write down your goals in a place that you see them everyday. Your goals should be SMART Goals. (Click for information on how to make Smart Goals)

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