Celebrating your TEAM as well as your CUSTOMERS are important follow-ups!

If there is a chance to CELEBRATE, then take it!
We often talk about how to follow-up with clients on Fiitfu, and one of the best and most natural reasons to follow-up with a client (or a consultant) is on their Birthday!  This quick blog is about how to use Fiitfu to track not only Birthdays, but as well RENEWAL dates for your VIP programs, or your Team Members Memberships, Anniversaries, First Orders, Kids Birthdays, Clean Bill of Health Anniversary and more!

“Birthdays are good for people, they say the more you have, the longer you will live.”

So lets start with Birthdays and Renewal dates.  When you know a clients birthday, or a renewal date for your memberships, you can add them directly into Fiitfu when you add a new client.  You can also click on the “wrench” on the green box in their profile to update this information.


When you utilize these two areas, you will be able to pull reports each month.  What a great way to communicate with your team, and your customers based on Birthdays.   Here is an older blog on our on creating a “Birthday Club” to stay connected.

Now lets talk about other annual reminders.  Simply head to your clients profile, and click on REMINDERS.  Here you can add any annual reminder you like.  Be sure to add the year of the original occasion (like we did here for Julia’s work anniversary) so that you know exactly how long someone has been with you.

Use this area for:

Placed first order on this date in 2017
Started working for me on this date in 2014
Clean Bill Of Health after a long battle on this date in 2016
Had her first child on this date in 2011 (name of child)
Got Married on this date in 2002!

I think you get the idea!  Now get out there and CELEBRATE!!!