Starting your follow-up process now, will be the key to your 2017 Success!

Over the Christmas Holidays we had hundreds of emails and calls from our customers wanting to know the best way to get started on their follow-ups.  Many people felt they had to get all their orders into their Fiitfu account before they started following up, or they needed to have all their customers entered into their Fiitfu account.  Other thoughts included the feeling that Follow-Up Funnels had to be perfect or Email Templates must first be done before they could start proper follow-up.  The key to successful follow-up is not waiting, but getting started today!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to START to be GREAT!  Zig Ziglar

So our tip for you today, be sure you don’t delay, start today!   Pick up the phone, or send that personal email, then record it in Fiitfu.  You will find that your processes will fall into place once you start your follow-up.  You will also find that your process will always be fine tuned.  It is never ending, mastering the perfect way to follow-up.  Watch this video on Maximizing your Repeat Sales from the Holiday Season

Fiitfu is so happy to be a part of your Follow-Up Team for 2017!