Are you a Spammer?  Time to track and prove you are not!

Just over a year ago, we did a webinar on the new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation, after consultation with a lawyer.  Since that time there have been a number of corporations that have been fined for not having expressed consent from their customers or not being able to prove they had expressed consent.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) recently issued a reminder to businesses that they are required to keep proper records of the consent they receive from people who are receiving emails from that business.  Failure to do this could result in a penalty, individuals can be hit with a $1 million maximum penalty!

So what should you do to protect yourself?  We recommend that you track expressed consent from your customers on Fiitfu with the interest “expressed consent”, and then note how you received that consent.  Please note, it is no longer legal to ask someone for consent by email, unless you already have it!

Verbal or Written consent will now be your only ways to collect expressed consent.  What was said, when was it, where did they write it down?  Opting out is NOT an option for expressed consent.

Watch the video, or check out the CASL for more information.   Currently, this is the Canadian law, however; no matter what country you are in (they all have their own Anti-Spam law) it is good practice to start tracking this now in case the heavy hand comes down on your email campaigns.