Make the Most of Your Vendor Events!

Going to trade shows, and participating in other Vendor Events, are a great way to grow your Direct Sales Company, IF you do them right!

Many  Fiitfu users participate in Vendor Events (trade shows, craft fairs, school events, etc.), so here are a few tricks on how to make them super successful, PLUS  we have this all covered in our Trade Show Etiquette webinar!

With your busiest season coming up, and the time of year when many people promote to the next level, you want to be sure you are prepared for each and every one of your Trade Show Events!

In an effort to ensure that you are far from flustered when you start your event, follow our checklist at least a week before the event.


  1.  Set up your table BEFORE you go to the vendor event, to know how long it takes to set up and take down.  Shows will usually have a time frame in which you are able to set up your booth.  Make sure you have all the tools to  set up your table, and yo transport them from your car to the facility.  If your boxes are heavy, don’t count on having someone there to help you, purchase a dolly to transport your goods!  Don’t start off your event all sweaty from hustling your boxes around!
  2. Do you need power?  Is there power available at your booth?  Does it cost more?
  3. Do you need Wifi?  Are you taking payments other than cash, if so, what do you need to complete your invoices?
  4. What is your GIVE AWAY at your booth?  Be sure whatever you are giving away, is exciting, so that people will want to enter to win but also  Very VISIBLE to draw people to your booth.
  5. Are you integrating social media into your event?  If not, you should!  Promote your booth and sales before, during and after your event to make it even more successful (“Can’t visit me at my booth?  Be sure to still get your name in the draw to win this awesome prize!”)
  6. What kind of signage will you have at your event?  Are you easy to find?  Will your signage draw people in?
  7. What is your outfit going to look like and are you promoting your booth while you walk around?  It is so easy to get your logo on a shirt, this is a MUST at your trade shows!
  8. Entice people into your booth by giving something away.  Food is GREAT!  70% of people at trade shows want a snack or a beverage!
  9. Be sure your booth is comfortable and has personality!  Bring in some bar stools, have a nice flow in your booth, elevate your products so things are easy to see.
  10. FOLLOW UP WITH ALL YOUR CLIENTS!  – Be sure you have a way of collecting your  visitors information.  If you give out a sample, take a business card, or have them fill out a form.  Track which samples you have given to whom.  Also, how will people put their name in your draw if they don’t have a business card?  Be prepared with paper, pens and even use your Fiitfu app for collecting information.    Now, track these and add them to your Fiitfu account under your Events tab.  It is more than ok to follow-up after an event, it is expected!  So create some new clients today, and you are well on your way to having repeat customers down the road!

Watch this video for some great tips and tricks, and in-depth explanation of the above and see some examples of awesome vendor table ideas:  WATCH NOW

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