You Asked, and We Listened (And Implemented)

Fiitfu is on the move again!  We are updating our system with features that are going to make the system run much smoother for you, over the summer you will see some slight changes to improve functionality, as well as some new big features that you can use to be even more organized in your business!

Three changes we just launched include:

  1.  NEW SUPPORT BUTTON – At Fiitfu we want to be sure you have the answers you need, at the time you are working on your Fiitfu account!  Introducing our new SUPPORT button found on the left hand side of your screen.  Simply type in the question you are looking for, and see potential answers right away!!  Still can’t find your answer, create your own ticket and our support staff will be sure to assist you.
  2. CHANGES TO FORMS – In the past when you created a form, you could not choose what fields a client had to fill out to complete the form.  Now you can shorten the form to make it look a little less intimidating!  Check out this quick video on how to do this!  WATCH NOW
  3. APP HAS BEEN UPDATE  – The Fiitfu app has recently been updated to ensure that each time you add a sample or record a meeting on the app, that the follow-up properly displays in your Fiitfu account.  You should also find the app a bit easier to read now as well.  Be sure to update today,  and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, search for Fiitfu CRM Solutions in the app store.

app update