Like good music, good work can be reused again and again.

We all have those days when our imagination and creativity are at their peak – we say the right things to everyone we talk to, and all of our emails are perfectly written.

When you do something well, you want to re-purpose it.  This way you can easily use it over and over again.  For example, when you create that inspired email, put it into a template and you will be able to send it out again at a moments notice!  Even better, create that template in Fiitfu, so you can send it out at anytime, and it is easy to find.

If you just had a great conversation with someone, write it out to create a script that you can use in the future.  As time goes on, you will use this script, and revamp it to make it even better each time you use it. Turn your blog into a book, your book into social media posts, speaking engagement speeches into training material, or testimonials into a website page.  There are so many things that you can use again and again, so think of some work that you have done in the past, that was really effective, now how can you re-purpose it?

Not only will you re-use this work, but you can also use these resources for training your new team members.  Your job as a leader in Direct Sales, is to supply your team with the tools they need to be successful (the proven secret to success that you, or your upline has created).  On Fiitfu you can easily create these resources on a “TEAM ACCOUNT” allowing you to create and share templates, forms, messages, pdf’s and your follow-up processes.

team accounts image

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