Defrost those cold calls and chill your Follow-up fears!

Follow-up can be a bit stressful, and we know why!  After years of working in the sales industry, we at Fiitfu know that the number one reason why people don’t follow-up is because they don’t know what to say.

Think about it, when you are calling someone, isn’t it easier to reconnect when you know what they last ordered, what your clients favourite products are, how many kids they have, what their hobbies are and more.

For you to best look after your customers, you had better look after your data for each of your clients.  2016 can be YOUR year for effective follow-up, and we at Fiitfu want to be part of your Follow-Up Team.  Time to increase your client and consultant retention, so you can increase your revenue.

Please join us as we show you how Fiitfu can ease your follow-up, and ensure that no client falls through the cracks again!   Fiitfu’s Top 10 Features, we know you will love what you see!


“You must have accessibility to the information that gives you the connection!” –

Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher