The response from our clients has been awesome. Is it time for you to take the Fiitfu Challenge?

I am up for the challenge

Whether you are new to Fiitfu, or have been with Fiitfu for a while,  this 30 day challenge is the perfect way to ensure you are using all of the features on Fiitfu that will suit your business needs.  Over 30 days, we will send you 8 emails that will contain tips on different features, training videos, and a questionnaire to see how easy it was for you to find what you needed.

Join the 30 day Fiitfu Challenge, and YOU could be the winner of one of our 2016 Calendars!

Here are the details that you need to know to get started:

Email us at with the subject line “I am up for the challenge”

We will add you to the 30 day challenge.

Fill out each of the questionnaires that comes with your emails, and not only will we answer your questions, but we will also put your name in the draw to win one of our amazing 2016 Calendars.

Last month Pam Robertson was the winner of our Kick Off 30 Day Challenge.

Pam  won a 1 Year Membership with Fiitfu!  Congratulations Pam on the big win!
This is what she wrote on our YouTube page:

Yahoo! I am super excited to have won and I absolutely love FIITFU! Thank you!!

– Pam Robertson