A Calendar like you have never seen before!

At Fiitfu CRM Solutions we are  known for our live support and coaching when it comes to following up.  The web based CRM is designed for people in Direct Sales and Network Marketing, and when you read the testimonials from our clients, you can tell the system really does work.

But now, we also support our clients’  businesses with our 2016 Calendar / Workbooks that pack a punch when it comes to coaching and training on follow-up.   Not only do the calendars have weekly follow-up tips, but they are also a tracking guide, gratitude journal, accountability partner, organizing facilitator and information source for many different topics including social media, effective email campaign techniques and how to re-connect with customers.

If you haven’t seen the calendars yet, you can check out the website to purchase pre-selected covers, as well custom covers are available, like the ones below, at an extra cost.  The inaugural 2015 calendar was such a success that we not only kept what people loved, but also added some great new features.

Order yours today! 



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