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Follow Up Notifications

We know Fortune Is In The Follow-Up. To ensure your success we built a follow-up notification area for every client, event, product and sale.

Don’t worry, we won’t blast you with annoying pop-up messages. We simply generate notes alongside your records to guide you through the steps of successful network marketing.

“So, you just made a sale!”

Fiitfu allows you to create your own invoices or quotes to record your client orders.

We keep track of every product you sell and remind you when a client needs to reorder.

Fiitfu will calculate discounts, tax and any gift certificates that are redeemed (yes, you can create gift certificates on Fiitfu as well)

Highlight for your clients their total savings, and print it out or send to your client in a PDF file.

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“You just booked an event!”

Fiitfu will guide you through the hosting process with our customizable Planning Checklist and Follow-up Checklist for group and individual events.

Track your invitations, attendance and sales.

Sync your calendar with your Fiitfu calendar so you never miss a beat!

Track all of your referrals through events or individually!

Check out our YouTube Channel for more info!.

Management Tools

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Client Database

Your address book just got 100% smarter. Access your clients based on name, employer, purchases and more. You can also track referrals. We always remember the details and will notify you when it’s time for a follow-up.

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Personal Invoicing

Show clients you care with a personal invoice. We keep record of every invoice so you can look-up purchase details of every client. See if they purchased at an event or maybe it was an email campaign. Quickly calculate your top buyers for recognition!

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Product Catalog

Build profiles for all your products with their name, price and details. We will record order history for every product and remind you when a client needs to reorder.

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Manage Samples

Share your products with as many people as possible! We can track what was given away as a gift or a sample so that you can write this off as a business expense at the end of the year!

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Make Gift Certificates

A great way to develop new clients is to offer Gift Certificates! Create your certificate with our template and we track who you gave it to, when it was redeemed and when they expire. At the years end, see the total value given and redeemed.

Growth Tools

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Get organized online. We automatically populate your follow-up tasks. Set your goals for the month and input activities as needed to achieve those goals!

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Set Goals

95% of people who write down their goals make them a reality. We display your ‘WHY’ statement so you will never forget why you started your business.

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Create Reports

Create reports to follow up or reward your clients! Build reports based on any need from the information you enter into your client files. Maybe it’s upcoming birthdays or those who have not purchased in 3 months.

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We are Network Marketers, working for you! Get exclusive access to resources and quarterly delivery of our Get FIIT Newsletter for industry insights and tips to grow your business.

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Track Group & Individual Events

Record invitations, attendance & sales. Highlight individuals who show interest in your business and we’ll help you follow up.

Full access to your records.

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Download & upload your contacts and data 24/7 with no-hidden fee.

Your secrets are safe with us.

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Any information with your Fiitfu account is for your eyes only. We work with best practice standards to keep your data safe & privately archived.