What Gets Measured Gets Managed

April 21, 2017By Mary-JaneBlog, Grow Your Business

Stay In The Race by Tracking Statistics At Fiitfu, we believe in tracking everything you do, so that when something works: you keep doing it!  And when you do something that needs an adjustment, you are able to tweak it based on your past outcomes. Here are a few things that you should be tracking … Read More

Easy Ways To Reconnect with Past Clients.

January 24, 2017By Mary-JaneBlog, Follow-Up Tips

Reconnect, Don’t Disconnect Do you have some clients that you haven’t connected with lately?  Perhaps you are afraid that it has been 6, 7 or even 8 months since you have last worked with these customers. Here is an easy way to get your foot back in the door, don’t write them off yet!   … Read More

Follow-Up Tips for 2017

January 3, 2017By Mary-JaneBlog, Follow-Up Tips, Grow Your Business

Starting your follow-up process now, will be the key to your 2017 Success! Over the Christmas Holidays we had hundreds of emails and calls from our customers wanting to know the best way to get started on their follow-ups.  Many people felt they had to get all their orders into their Fiitfu account before they … Read More

Stress Taking the Wind out of your Sail?

November 12, 2016By Mary-JaneBlog

Take a Break to Effectively Deal with Stress My dad once told me ” When I go on holidays, I entrust my staff to do their job. I don’t check in, and I empower my team to make decisions on their own.” He then sent me this email a month ago, it was timely as … Read More

5 Statistics on Network Marketing That You Need To Know.

June 16, 2016By Mary-JaneBlog

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO! Last week my daughter was in a track meet with 22 other schools in her area.   It was so exciting to watch the kids run so hard and at the same time learn life lessons about participation, winning, losing, determination, and facing fears. The hero stories were endless; dropped … Read More

Is Your Sales Tracking Method Outdated?

June 7, 2016By Mary-JaneBlog

How Fiitfu’s New Analytical Data will Enhance your Business! At Fiitfu, we are proud to constantly update our system in ways which will help YOU become more effective in your Direct Sales business. One key to success, is  measuring every business activity that you do.  But why?  Isn’t it enough to know my sales at … Read More

Time to Make Smart Goals!

March 4, 2016By Mary-JaneBlog

S.M.A.R.T Goals Are The Most Achievable Goals 2016 is going to come and go so quickly, and we know that many of the goals that people set for themselves include: Losing Weight Starting your own business Making more money Getting Organized Spending more time with their family Staying fit and healthy So have you set your 2016 … Read More

Accountability Is Key To Your Success

February 17, 2016By Mary-JaneBlog, Grow Your Business

Accountability Partners are a fantastic way of attaining your goals, but how do YOU hold your TEAM accountable? Having an accountability partner is a fantastic way of ensuring that someone knows your goal, believes the path you have laid out will lead you towards reaching your goals, and will direct you when you are going off course. … Read More

2016 Calendars That Will Change Your Business

January 21, 2016By Mary-JaneBlog

A Calendar like you have never seen before! At Fiitfu CRM Solutions we are  known for our live support and coaching when it comes to following up.  The web based CRM is designed for people in Direct Sales and Network Marketing, and when you read the testimonials from our clients, you can tell the system really … Read More

Our New & Old Blog

January 6, 2016By Mary-JaneBlog

Get ready for some great new follow-up content! As you can see we have launched a new website to kick-off 2016! We plan to publish new content on our blog over the coming weeks. However you can still review your favourite posts from the past and brows our history of great content on our old … Read More