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PODCAST: Dragonwing girlgear

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At Fiitfu we are proud to introduce you to a number of different companies that are in Direct Sales.

Our belief is that if you know more about each other, then it is easier to support each other. And, of course, supporting each other brings increased business growth, retention within the industry, and a continued improvement of the way people regard this business!

Be part of the community, not just with your company, but with those around you!  

Today we are happy to introduce you to the company Dragonwing girlgear.  Dragonwing girlgear empowers girls to play—and be—their best, giving them the freedom and confidence to focus on the competition, skills, and teamwork of the sports they love.

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5 Tips to Help Your Customers LOVE Your Business.

If your customers love your business, they come back. Return customers are the life pulse of what keeps your business strong.  

Here are 5 tips for making your customers LOVE your business!

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4 Questions to ask yourself when creating your Follow-up Plan

Creating a follow-up plan is as important as your marketing plan, your business plan, and your financial plan for your business.

You may have seen the numbers before on sales statistics and know that 80% of sales are made after the 5th to 12th contact, and yet only 12% of us follow-up more than 3 times! You can really see why the number of people that rise to the top are limited.

At Fiitfu we are here to support you in making sure that YOU rise to the top, stand above the rest, and excel in your business because of your incredible follow-up.

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