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328 Days - When to Follow Up

follow up

Today let’s talk about when you follow up with someone that you have met at a networking event or other event.  First off, be sure when you meet various people, you determine who you would like to work with and who you would like to connect with.  And let them know when you meet them and ask if you can follow up with them.  If they say yes, then great, grab a card let’s start the process:

When to Call:  Send them a quick email the day you meet or the next day.  I wouldn’t CALL the day you meet unless the prospect has asked you directly.  Most people are running out of an event to catch up on the work for the day, but you can follow up that day with an email letting them know you are going to ring them the next day.  A simple email like “Hi John, It was great to meet you this morning at “X” event and I am looking forward to connecting.  I will ring you tomorrow morning to set a time that we can meet this week”.  It is polite, it is not trying to sell anything and it is preparing them for your call!  Think of times when you have called someone and they can’t place who you are.  This is a GREAT way to prepare your prospect for your call!   General rule of thumb, contact your prospect within 48 hours.  The longer you wait the more people they meet and the less likely they are to remember who you are and what you talked about (or perhaps they may even start thinking of your service or product and also search your competition!)   

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329 Days- Follow Up, is it Really that Important?

Do you truly believe follow up is really important?  Recently I had a discussion with one fellow with a successful small business regarding follow up when he was looking at using Fiitfu as a potential CRM of choice.  This is what he wrote to us here at Fiitfu:

“Follow-up and follow through are the most important chores that I have to do every day. If I am working with trades or professionals who don’t communicate well with me I won’t hire them to do work for me again. I have even been known not to do work for clients a 2nd time if they are horrible communicators!! It isn’t worth the hassle.  I appreciate the fact that your mission appears to be to improve the habits of poor communicators. Fantastic! If you can, that will make my business easier to run well.”

If you still don’t think follow up is important to your business, please think again.  Over 80% of sales are made on the 5thor more contact.  If you are not following up you are missing out.   This week we will focus on giving you tips for follow up each day, let’s make this a GREAT Follow Up week! 

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330 Days - Would you Hire Yourself?

As an independent broker, consultant or business owner it can often be difficult to keep up with all that could be done to make your business better… If you were in the position to hire someone to take over your position, would you hire yourself?  Take some time to ask yourself that question, if the answer is yes, write down all the attributes that helped you determine that, if the answer is no (congratulations for being honest with yourself) then figure out what needs to be done that isn’t being done, and REHIRE yourself as the perfect CEO of your business.   

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331 Days

On the weekends we at Fiitfu often talk about balance, as we believe it is an important part of any lifestyle!  Why do we work so hard anyways, so we can make the money to do the things we love to do!

So this weekend when you sit down to watch the Super Bowl with the other estimated  111 million+ people, why not make it special by doing something fun that you can continue each year!  Our family and friends have for 5 years now gathered and had our annual chili contest for the Super Bowl; it is filled with anticipation and always has some controversy over the winner which makes for fun conversations for the entire year. 

Here is the chili that I am making for tomorrow, I personally think it is going to be award winning, but the other contenders will put up a fight for sure… similar to the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  Have fun!

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332 Days - Initiate and Take Action

We love to cold call on Friday’s, it is a day when most are looking forward to a weekend off, and thus are more relaxed or open to new communications…  So we had labeled Fridays Cold Call Fridays.  Then we started to think that perhaps “cold calling” has a bad perception… most people dislike cold calling… so let’s call it a more creative name "Initiate and Take Action Calling."

Here is one sure way to ensure your “Initiate and Take Action” calling is purposeful today:  First off, identify your “ideal client” and what industry or character differentiates them.  For instance, you may have just worked with a client that is in the printing business that utilized your services (or product) to fulfill a need.  If this Printer had a need fulfilled by your product or service, do you think that other printers may also have the same demands?  This is a great way to get your foot in the door and create some interest when you can start with saying how you were able to help another printer.  You may find that this could become a great way to identify your niche and work with it! 

Go for it, and let us know what your favorite Initiate and Take Action tricks are! 

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333 Days - Referral Contest or Incentive

Many of us run our business on referrals and like to reward our clients for their referrals.  This month why don’t you think of a creative way to ask for more referrals by offering up a contest?   For instance, we at Fiitfu will be contacting our members tomorrow to let them know that for each new referral that comes to us this month from our present members, Fiitfu will donate $1.00 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation PLUS we may even offer up a little extra prize for the Fiitfu client that refers the most people! 

Use your imagination and think of ways that you could stimulate more referrals this month!   

Be sure to share your ideas with us!  You may just get another referral from our readers!

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334 Days- 14 Ways to Work a Room

Happy February 01!  A new month, a new opportunity to wow your clients with your follow up skills and to meet new potential clients!  Last month Fiitfu had a contest:  All realtors that signed up for Fiitfu’s 30 day trial would have their name put into a draw to win a book called “1200 Great Sales Tips For Reals Estate Pros”.  The book is great and as we often talk about networking, we thought you would benefit from reading one of the chapters: 

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335 Days - Don't Stop Now!

It is January 31st!  Look back at the beginning of your month and your goal, and see if you made it!  If you didn’t, that is ok!  You have a full day to pull out all the stops, make phone calls, do more drop offs, and ask for the sale one more time… turn over every rock!  At the end of the day when you look at yourself in the mirror you will KNOW that you gave it you’re all… and that is perfect.  You are moving in the right direction.  So today work your butt off, tonight CELEBRATE all the success you did accomplish this month!!  YOU ARE AMAZING! 

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336 Days - Referral Tracking

Do you know where the majority of your leads come from?  At the end of each month, we at Fiitfu do an analysis of where our leads come from and let those that have forwarded leads know the progress of our potential new clients.  We appreciate all the leads that are sent our way, and we try to connect at least once a month with those that have referred us.  So our task for you today:  Set up a system to track your leads or referrals.  On Fiitfu we have a referral tracker, so if you don’t have a good system set up, perhaps this could be a good time to try out our 30 day free trial to see if it is a fit for you and your business!   Be sure you let others KNOW what is happening with their referrals, keeping them in the loop is not only considerate, but it also keeps your business top of mind. 

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337 Days - Spontaneity

Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine, a bit of unscheduled plea

Richard Iannelli 

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338 Days - Networking

Over the last two days I have visited two different networking events that have enriched not only my business, but my LIFE with these new women that I met and the relationships that I will have with them in the future.  Networking events are such a beneficial way of meeting new like-minded people, AND a great way to stimulate ideas for your business.

I know we have talked about this before, but I want to encourage you to go to at least 2 different networking events EACH MONTH.  Put them in your calendar now for the coming months, whether it be the Chamber of Commerce, eWomen Network, or other networking events, this is part of your community and the foundation to your business success.  Remember the post; you have to circulate to percolate!

eWomen's Network has a great 4 question process that they follow... this could be the key for you when you find it difficult to articulate what you do or what you want:

  1. Who Are You?
  2. What do you have to offer?
  3. What do you specifically need in the next 30 days
  4. Who do you need to connect with?

Try these questions at your next networking event and ask the people you are speaking to the same questions... you just may find you can help each other out!
Thanks to eWomen Network for setting a GREAT example on how networking should be done! 

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339 Days - Income Producing Activities today your top three income producing activities… now spend 80-90% of your time doing these today (phone calls, presentations, drop off to see clients and asking for referrals are a few ideas), and focus on the other stuff later (other stuff like emails, making flyers or brochures, filing, accounting).   Today is FRIDAY!  A great day to connect with clients and to set up your schedule for next week!  Have a GREAT DAY! 

feature C v2

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340 Days - Attitude

Today’s Tip is taken directly from Debbie Palmers article she wrote for us and was posted today!

Attitude.  Did you know that attitude is the number one trait of successful salespeople?  If you’re not excited about your product your customer sure won’t be.  Keeping a positive attitude and not showing nervousness or desperation is so important.  Practice your presentation so you can focus on your positive attitude and not what you need to say.  Relax and success will be yours.

Be sure to read her entire article at:

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If You Are In Business, You Are In Sales


Today we have a guest post from Debbie Palmer, an incredible Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker! But more than that she is an incredible woman with a heart of gold with a very wise article that you should read if you are in business!

Thanks Debbie for taking the time to write for us today!

deb palmer

If you’re in business, then you’re in sales!  These days there are so many wonderful businesses starting up, great ideas with well thought out plans, and entrepreneurs with the expertise and knowledge for success.  One surprising complication arises when it comes to moving the company’s product or service, and you, the owner, realize that you are the one who has to go out and get the business, and that means sales.  The idea of selling comes with the notion of be pushy or aggressive and you may worry that potential customers may be annoyed or back away from you if you try to sell them.  That’s why so many people fear sales!  There’s no need to fear, turns out it’s all in the presentation.   A little advice to help you along your way: 

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341 Days - No Whining No Crying

Today’s tip… Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!  Our mantra at home with our daughter is “No Whining, No Crying, and we Stick Together”.  Sometimes you just have to stop the excuses and just get it done.  GO MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!! 

big girl panties

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342 Days - 7 days to Go

Well, believe it or not there are only 7 days left in January.  7 more days and the first of 12 months is over!  Wow!  How fast time flies by.  Here is the question for the day, on January 1st, what did you want to accomplish this month?  How close are you to making it happen?  In 7 days there are a TON of things that can still be completed, so go back to your initial goal and believe that it is still obtainable!   For many years in sales and management at both small and large firms the majority of our sales always came at the end of the month, and so can yours! 

Some random tidbits of information that may help you realize what is possible in a short period of time:

  • In one day the mole can dig a tunnel over 90 metres long.
  • A hummingbird flaps her wings 3000 times in a minute.
  • A Dragonfly zips along at 60 KM per hour.
  • An Ant can carry 35X's its own body weight.

You can do just about anything if you just set your course and take action! 


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343 Days- Celebrate

On day 354 we wrote about Chinese New Year!  Well last night if you heard fireworks or other loud celebrations it may have been the millions around the world that would have celebrated Chinese New Year the year of the dragon.  In mainland China fireworks and firecrackers are an essential part of the start of the New Year, with thousands set off in the street, to ward off the evil monster, nian.  Make a point of reaching out to others that you know that celebrate this occasion.  A simple note that you are thinking about them will bring a smile to their face and help to create those relationships you are working on this year.  It also brings me to encourage you to set a small goal for this week: Perhaps it is calling 10 more people a day, or re-connecting with past clients, or perhaps even implementing a new strategy for your business.  Now that you have set your goal, what will you do to celebrate that goal at the end of the week?  It is important for us to celebrate our small milestones; you may not need all the fireworks that were displayed this past weekend, but perhaps a simple hour to yourself for a walk, pedicure, massage or dinner out.  Be sure to CELEBRATE! 

Gong Hay Fat Choy "Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year."   


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344 Days - Your Choice

Today we wanted to just say "it is your choice".  It is your choice to live life out loud, or to hide in the cloud.  It is your choice to take control of your life, or let others control you.  It is your choice to love or to hate, to complement or criticize, to laugh or to cry.  It is your choice... make it a good one.

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345 Days - Say Hello

On the weekends I like to talk more about Balance (we can’t work all the time, but that is another entry) and so today I want to suggest that you just reach a little bit more out of your comfort zone and say hello.  For some of you this is already an easy part of your life, putting a smile on your face and welcoming the people you meet on the street.   You find this is small towns much more than the big cities, and it is always so refreshing to work in a small town filled with friendly people!  Why do we think they are friendly, just for the reason that everyone says HELLO to you on the street!  How easy is that! For many of us, this is a not as simply as it seems, in fact this task can actually prove to be incredibly awkward and difficult.  The classic example of this is getting on an elevator, how many times have you entered a crowded elevator, avoided eye contact with anyone, turned around so your back is to people and stared at the door or the numbers until you reach your destination!  You know there are even articles on Elevator Etiquette and how people are in “self-talk” mode and to respect that.  Do you think that perhaps they are just as shy as anyone else and didn’t want to say hello because it is not normal.  Well today, don’t be normal, go out and say hello to everyone you see!  It is easy one word, and you will be surprised at how many smiles you will create, and perhaps you may just make someone’s day by interacting with them.  Today while I am on the ski hill, I will be sure to say hello to everyone that is on the chair lift with me.  An easy task when you have 20cm of new snow and everyone is in a GREAT mood!


Salut – French

Aloha – Hawaiian

Shalom – Hebrew

Hindi – Namaste

Italian – Ciao

Konnichi wa Japanese

Yow Wah Gwaan Jamaican

Hola Spanish – Mexican

Nei HO or Lei HO Chinese

Zao Shang Hao – Mandaran

Bok – Croation

Hallo – Dutch and German 

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346 Days - Jack Of All Trades

Today I want you to think about what you are REALLY good at and that you love to spend your time on in your business.  Perhaps even the activities that bring in the most revenue to your business.  Now what do you NOT like to do, although you can do it,  you find it a bit of chore, or it takes you a long time to complete therefore taking away from the time you spend on income producing activities?  So with your list of these non-producing activities, ask a few people who they know that may be able to help you with these activities.  Yes you guessed it; it is now time to start outsourcing!  Let me give you a couple of examples, filing, do you love to file, or does your office have papers all over the place?  Perhaps hire someone once a week, or every two weeks to get your filing done.  Accounts receivable, graphic work, newsletters, even grocery shopping or cleaning the house!  There are people that make a living doing these types of things that can help us be more effective in the long run.  Trust me, when you outsource, and focus on the activities that you are good at and produce income to your business you will become so much more efficient!

The Figure of speech is complete when you add the last three words: 

Jack of all trades, master of none! 

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347 Days - Grab a cup of stimulation

Today’s Tip is based on the phrase that Past President of Arbonne and incredible motivational speaker Rita Davenport often uses

“You’ve Got to Circulate to Percolate!”

I love this quote, and it is one that we should think of all year as we reach for our goals.  You see going out and meeting new people, or even getting together with those that we already know can do a few things including stimulate our brain, give us new ideas, increase our range of contacts which in turn can equate to more referrals and makes us feel great!  It is like having that morning cup of Java for those of you that can’t go without your morning coffee!  A couple of notes on this one though, be sure you are visiting with POSITIVE people and be sure to see how you can be of service to them in making their dreams a reality.  Remember, this year is about creating relationships.  Don’t worry, not making a sale today does not equate to unsuccessful networking.  Create those relationships and people will buy from people they know and trust.  Make it a GREAT one!


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348 Days - Get On The Road

Now that you have established SMART goals, and you have written them down, get on the path to take you there!  Choose your route, and start your engine.  You see when you get started, the journey has begun!  If your goal is to go to Paris, pick up a brochure on France and start a bank account specifically to save for this trip.  Wanting to learn a new language or instrument?  Book your first lesson.  How about starting a new business?  Start writing your business plan!  Want to just make more money in your present occupation? Then pick up the phone and call more customers and prospects today then you did last year!  You see we make goals, we write them down, we set our compass and we get started.  Give it a shot, and LET US KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO GET STARTED TODAY!

on the road

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349 Days - Set Your Compass

Yesterday we talked about making SMART goals; today let’s talk about writing them down.  Choose a place that you look at EVERYDAY and paste, write or put a picture up of your goals.  Writing down your goals and looking at them each day KEEPS YOU ON TRACK AND ON PURPOSE.  Remember it is the small things we do each day that keeps us moving forward towards our goal.  And the more you visualize and read your goals, the more likely you are to have them happen!   Recently I was informed about RAS (Reticular Activation System) and how it acts as a compass for your brain.  The “Reticular Activation System” is the part of your brain that automatically filters out what is not important to you and brings your attention to things that are important to you.  We all have it.  Consider the last time you wanted to purchase a car, you had it in your mind you wanted a white Mercedes, all of a sudden you see white Mercedes everywhere!   Your RAS is now focussing your brain to see the white Mercedes that were always there.  Since you picked out this car for yourself, that car has become special for you and now you are noticing what was really there all along.

When your goals are set and written down, your RAS helps you to divert the hundreds of thousands plus impulses you get each day to help you focus on that which is most important to you.  This is why we set our goals, so that we can set our compass.  


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350 Days - SMART Goals

On Tuesday January 3rd, Day 364 we talked about setting one business goal and letting everyone know what that is.  Let’s revisit that goal and see if you are on the right track!  If you set a goal, and you look back at the past 14 days, have you been doing something EVERYDAY to work you towards completing that goal?  On my desk I have a quote that I once heard someone say “A Goal Without a Deadline Is Just a Dream.” This year, to ensure we are not just dreaming, and instead making our dreams reality lets focus on setting SMART goals.  We use to teach in the corporate world SMART goals and it is as simple as this: 

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Motivation 37

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. 

Martin Luther King Jr.

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