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I am Committed Campaign

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.  - Vince Lomardi

Are you ready to Commit?  Are you ready for your BEST YEAR YET?  Many of you said YES I AM... and we had a GREAT Fiitfu campaign last month.  If you missed it, be sure to email us at and we will put you on our mailing list for new promo's coming up!


I am committed


Commitment Comes At What Price?

Commitment takes:




Commitment is knowing you are on the right track, and giving it 100% even when you feel like only giving 25%.  

You who are committed are the ones who don't take discouragement heavily -- you don't give up regardless of potential set backs. You who are committed set an example for those who don't have the confidence or experience to go through the hard times and hold out for the rewards of success.

Commitment takes STAYING STRONG in your will to make it a success...

It takes knowing who you are and what you believe in.  And being PROUD of it.

As a leader, your commitment will instill belief and trust in your team, your commitment will create strength in your organization as others become committed as well.

A group of committed individuals is unstoppable.

When you are committed to an organization or effort that you truly believe is important,  you will show up, follow through, and stick with it.

Stay Committed, stay strong,  stay aware, stay focused, stay the course.

The price of staying committed, PRICELESS.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead


A Dozen Testimonials to Prove Word of Mouth is the BEST Advertising

It is true that word of mouth is the best advertising.  When you love something and you share it people listen!  This is why  we are so lucky to say that more than 85% of our clients come from word of mouth!

Fiitfu is an amazing tool that will help save you time, money, stress, increase sales, increase client relationships and MORE but don’t let us try to sell you, instead read what our clients are saying about us!

Here are a DOZEN recent testimonials, this could give you an idea of what Fiitfu can really do! 


And the winner is…

have you been fiitfud


Back in June we had a contest "I've Been Fiitfu'd".  We had a great response to this and many people write about Fiitfu and how it changed their relationship with their clients.  Thanks to all that participated, you can read some of the stories here

Congratulations to our winnner Cara Jahnke of Arbonne who won a $120 GC to the restaurant of her choice!  


Happy Canada Day!


canada day long weekend

School is out 

Summer is here!

Get out all your Camping Gear...

Friends are calling, people talking

want to go camping, swimming, biking, walking?

Canada Day - The first long weekend of the summer, 

guaranteed to never be a bummer

Hockey is over, the TV is off

Sun is shining, no more wining 

Lets get together and have a cheer

For Canada Day Long Weekend

is finally here!


Get Fiitfu'd and WIN up to $200.00

have you been fiitfud

So it seems there is a bit of a trend going on with Fiitfu, the more you Fiitfu the more your business grows, the more your business grows the more you earn!  The more you earn the easier it is to keep the motion moving forward...

So we decided to run a contest about being Fiitfu'd... read a couple of these first and then we will tell you about the contest.

Here are a couple of TRUE "I've Been FIITFU'd" stories:

"I have been looking at this overdue client on my Fiitfu account for three days, I finally called her (the client) and I got a $500.00 ORDER!  Thank you Fiitfu for the system really does work."  

Fiitfu reminds a user that one of her clients is due to renew her product:

On 2013-05-31, at 11:12 AM Fiitfuer wrote to client "Hi Melanie, I was thinking of you and wanted to pop you a quick email.  How are you and your products doing?" 

Email back from client to FIITFUER "I swear that there are alarms on my product that go to you!!!  I just pumped my last pump of moisturizer today and am getting caught up on emails!! Maybe I should just order the set?  Thanks. "

Third story... and I think you get the picture:

On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 10:41 AM Fiitfuer wrote:  "Hello Bridgette (not real name) I am going to be ordering myself some products today or tomorrow... Just thought I would see if you needed anything!"

Email back from customer " You are kind of freaky (in a good way!) I JUST ran out of toner this AM ....!!   I think all other bottles are about half full.....or is it better to get the set now?!"


6 Steps to Courageous YOU!

climbing risks

Each day we must show courage to protect ourselves, to teach our children right from wrong and to go with your heart when those around you think you may be crazy.... (I am sure many of you have heard "Oh that won't work, I know someone who...")

Courage is more than heroic things that give us accolades, it is the ability to navigate and deal with the every day challenges that we face. 

Cynthia Pury, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at Clemson University, who studies courage says "courage requires people who are motivated by a clear goal or sense of duty to take a personal risk though the outcome of their actions remains uncertain". 

Here are a few tips to help you with staying Courageous today!

  1. Have a clear Goal and Stay Focussed on this goal!
  2. Be prepared for what some of the possible outcomes may be.  What could be the WORST case scenerio and then work towards the BEST case scenerio... often the Worst case scenerio isn't actually all that bad.
  3. Take baby steps each day, the fear may never go away, however with continued acts towards your goal it will get easier!
  4. Surround yourself with like minded people.  This often helps you realize you are not alone in your endeavor to reach your goals!  We all have to be courageous.
  5. Stay away from those that try to bring you down... The crab in the bucket syndrome... as you climb to the top the "crabs" will grab at you and pull you right back down.  "If I can't have it, neither can you". 
  6. Have fun along the way.  Remember, failure or setbacks along the way are just learning curves... the more you try, the closer you get even with set-backs!


How much do you want it?

make no excuse


Be sure you figure out exactly what it is you want.  WHY do you want it, and how can you get it.

If you REALLY want something, you will know how passionate you are to get it by the sacrifices you take to earn it.  Know that sacrifices must be made, but if you really want something, won't it be a simple decision to make?  If it is easy to give up, you probably didn't want it that bad.


How well do you know your EMOTICONS?


Last week my daughter and I were looking through her new “Just Between Friends” book and I had to laugh at all the fun projects in the book, many of which I remembered as a child!  Instructions on learning piglatin, making pull tab notes, secret hand shakes and other secret languages.  

One thing that I did not learn as a kid, and still haven’t learnt them all as an adult are the new EMOTICONS... did you even know what that word meant?


Relationship maintenance KEY to online or traditional business models.

relationship building


Yes it is true that the trend of purchasing online is rising all the time.  The ease of shopping from home in your PJ's if you like is drawing more and more people to pulling out their credit cards at midnight while they have a rest from the pitter patter of kids running around.  
That is a GREAT thing for those of you in Network Marketing and Direct Sales, BUT it does NOT MEAN that you can give up following up with your clients and creating ongoing relationships even with the web based buyers! 

A Traditional Shopping story:  The Blushing Boutique is a quaint little store in downtown Vancouver that Designer Shelley Klassen opened to not only design, but as well produce and sell her collection in.  

Each time you enter the store, the staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.  They find out what you may be looking for, what you do, where you are going, what your favorite colors are and help you determine which of their line would best suite your body type.  

While you try on the clothing, they are VERY honest with how it looks on you, good and bad.  But when it looks good, boy you feel like a MILLION BUCKS!  

When you feel that way, and you feel like you have been dealt with honestly doesn't it feel great?  Not only do I usually walk out buying something at her store each time I go in, BUT I also walk away feeling beautiful, well looked after and purchasing a few extra things I didn't even realize that I needed! 

Without a skip of a beat, the team is creating a relationship with me.  Now knowing that I could also purchase their products on line, I would be more inclined to want to purchase their products over another because "I LIKE THEM"!  

Relationships build trust, trust builds sales... sales grow your bottom line.

This past week the DSWA (Direct Selling Women's Alliance) posted these statics on their facebook page: