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Follow Up is Fun on Friday!

stay calm and follow up


We truly believe that a Friday call to a present client is a GREAT way to set up your following week.  Fridays are fun, it is an ingrained feeling that we all seem to share... TGIF is recognized everywhere for this magical day.

Knowing that your clients are probably going to be in a great mood today, give them a call and say you wanted to touch base, you wanted to make sure that they were enjoying their products (or service) and would it be ok if you connect next week on Wednesday to tell them about some new products / service.  You may get their time now, but if you don't then at least you can follow up again on Wednesday!!  

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Do YOU Have Chop Chop Follow Up?


chop chop follow up

This is the FIRST STEP into turning your present chop chop follow up, into a magical customer retention connection plan.

Each client will have their own specific needs and wants when it comes to following up with them, HOWEVER you still need to have a structured and consistent way in which you follow up!  

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Can NOT following up really effect your business?

The first step in any program of change is to identify what needs to get better and in some cases, what may not be happening at all!  In doing so, you will understand what this area of growth has cost you in the past.

This is our first step to getting better at Follow up... and so we introduce to you our little Ninja who you will have to fight all month long to get over the FEAR of following up.

Ninja 1

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SMART goals are more likely to be reached. FACT OR FICTION?

A new year, a new set of goals.  

SMART goals


Goals are often thought about in the first week or two of the new year, but soon forgotten.  Often because good intentions are not matched by ACTION.

If you have written down your goals you are on the right track (and you are probably familiar with the Harvard study that suggests that the 3% of graduates that write down their goals, are actually the highest income earners in relation to their classmates).   

BUT here is what I know.

SMART goals will take you so much further than your average goal.  Written or not, a goal must be broken down to be a SMART goal.

What is a SMART goal?  Well here you go.  

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5 Must Do's To Gauge Your Goal Success.

It is two days to 2014… do you know where your Goals, Dreams and Aspirations for 2013 are?

It is time to check in and see how close you came, where you fell short, and what you can change for next years goals.  Here are 5 steps to checking in to see how you did, and get you ready for next years goal setting.


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Our cookie Tradition

jag cookies

This is one of our favorite recipes over the holidays!  They are sooo good... here is a little tip, do not remove the cookies from the cookie tray until the kisses have hardened again.  They will drop down to a dallop of chocolate instead of a cute little Kiss!

It is fun to watch my daughter bake, she gets so excited about making these and more at Christmas!

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Success is Sexy - How Women do it ALL!

I think you are going to LOVE this poem... can't you relate!

success is sexy

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the house,

not a mother was sleeping, just maybe her spouse.

The shopping, the wrapping, the baking is fair,

but add on her business and now that’s a dare!


She’s been serving her clients, selling, wrapping  instead

So now they are happy!  They’re snug in their beds!

Her clients, they love her, the men, they are saved

She’s done it again, filled their lists with their fave!


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Success Is Sexy

It’s a great day to be a woman in business!  Here are some pretty cool stats we’ve pulled together from various sources about WOMEN as the SPIRIT OF BUSINESS FUTURE! 

We all know, that women are the original Social Networker, how cool that we’ve found NETWORK MARKETING and NETWORKING to grow each other and our businesses!

Did you know that women control 25 trillion of global annual consumer spending? 

*2009 Boston Consulting Group report

This is astonishing!   In 2011, 20.1 million women earned bachelor’s degrees compared to 18.7 million men.  It’s been a long time in the making, and now, let’s consider what will happen when women start spending the money we’re now earning! 



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How Will You Celebrate YOU?!

success is sexy

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Success is Sexy

What we can’t tell you about Fiitfu

We can’t tell you the specific details about the 100% growth we had in November over last year, but we can tell you that we had our BIGGEST MONTH EVER.  

You can’t drag the celebrity name out of us about the new company launching overseas who has distributors using Fiitfu.  Our lips are sealed…  

We can’t tell you that over 80% of our users are from Canada’s top five Direct Sales Companies.   They are our treasured secret. 

We will tell you about our global reach.  Fiitfu is used by small business owners and network marketers in five major countries around the world.  With more to come.

We would love to tell you, but we shouldn’t, that we often hear: “Why doesn’t my company have THIS as their system?”  It’s true.    

Success is sexy.  At Fiitfu, we know that humility is too.  Yes we’re being a little cheeky today, but it’s only because YOU make us feel so GOOD!

You keep coming back.

You keep telling us how much this tool is needed in the industry.

We get better all the time because you keep getting better at your business.

Fiitfu is an industry leading Customer Relationship Management system with a higher than average client retention rate in the home based business & network marketing world.  The reason is Fiitfu users love their clients more than any other distributor or consultant out there and we CELEBRATE that!

Success is Sexy – and it looks good on you!  

Here’s to an awesome, sexy, successful MONTH!   Here’s to YOU!

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Fiitfu's Black Friday Promo!

Black Friday Fiitfu




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Black Friday
1)  TEN WORDS OR LESS - An offer needs to be easy to say, sell, and serve.  Keep it memorable and simple!
E.G.  All skincare 20% off!  or Buy $100 get $50 Free!  
2)  URGENCY IS EVERYTHING - Crank up the heat on your offer by limiting the number sold!
E.G.  The first ten orders receive FREE SHIPPING!   
3)  PUT SOME YOU IN YOUR OFFER!   You are your brand and people will always buy you first!
E.G.  Mary's Black Friday Sale!  or  Mary's Love Your Mom Black Friday Sale!  or  Mary's Men Need Love too Black Friday Sale!  Put your brand message in the subject line, and your offer as the first line of your email.  Why?  Because people will always buy YOU and your IDEA first.  
4)  ALWAYS BE CLOSING - Have a tangible deadline for orders.  
E.G.  All orders must be received by 9pm on Sunday!
Most of all, FOLLOW-THROUGH to the sale.  Become a follow-up star with Fiitfu and your clients will keep coming back!   Now go Bust-a-Move!

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Black Friday - 8 tips on making this your BIGGEST SALES SEASON

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your mind, marketing, selling, blogging, customer relations, accounting, not to mention now will most likely be the BIGGEST FOUR WEEKS of the year in sales for your business!

So are you ready?  

Get yourself a plan together for BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY and CHRISTMAS shopping NOW If you haven't already done so, now is the time to be very clear on the offers you will be having over the next three weeks.  Black Friday is known not only in the US, but many other countries are also taking on this shopping day that seems to cause such a frenzy in buyers.  Know what you are going to offer and what each day will look like.  Schedule your announcements for each sale, is it a day, a three day event or a week long sale?  What will you offer and what will be your Call To Action

Make each promotion different Spice it up a bit.  What will you do to appeal to your different clients.  Perhaps the first promotion will deal with only a certain brand, or products you can sell at under $20.  For instance "Black Friday makes it easy to purchase all your Christmas gifts for only $20.00. Sales items will be discounted at up to 70% to keep this Christmas within budget.   Check out these items you can buy now for only $20.00. 

Make it different!  Are you doing the same thing as everyone else, or do you have an edge?  Be sure to think outside of the box, there will be a LOT of sales during this time.  Tell me why I should buy from you, or make it different.

PRE CAMPAIGN - What will you do to create an awareness of your campaign before it starts... so that people watch for it.  How bout sending out an email like this!  Get others ready for Black Friday / Cyber Monday and Pre- Christmas shopping.  We just did!

If you are not a FIITFU member yet, you will want to watch for our PROMOTIONS on these days... Check our Facebook page, our Twitter account as well as your emails!

TRACK YOUR ACTIVITY... have you heard of re-purposing?  The sales you create from these campaigns will benefit you down the road as well... as long as you follow up!  Get repeat sales, referrals and testimonials from your clients.  How do you do this.  As long as you RECORD everything you do and record every sale you make!  How did they hear about you, what did they buy, what would they still like to purchase.


With all the sales you make this month, you won't be able to remember them all, but Fiitfu will help you to remember.  How can you possibly remember all these people in January - March when they are ready to re-purchase?

Invest your time now, stay organized and on top of your November  / December sales  Next year you can look back and see what worked and what didn't work.  Each year your campaigns will be more and more successful as you analyze what worked the best for you the year before.

TAKE A BREAK... after your big sales push, take some time off and enjoy Christmas with your Family.

Now get ready to do it again for BOXING DAY AND NEW YEARS!  

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A very small % of people make it to the top in Network Marketing.

Have you ever heard that as an objection to joining your team?  

"Oh no one ever makes it to the top, just the ones that get in first..."

Well, I want to share a few KEY FACTS about this point... it is not that the companies don't want a higher % to make it to the top, it is because those that are working the business... are NOT FOLLOWING UP!

Check this out.  

If you presently have 100 consultants on your team, it is likely that your success in recruiting them would look something like this:

  • 2 would have signed up after the first time you spoke with them about the business.
  • 3 after the 2nd time you talked to them about the business.
  • 5 on the 3rd contact
  • 10 people would have signed up after 4 conversations regarding the business
  • And a staggering 80 of them would have signed up after 5- 12 conversations.  (and I would dare to say the Majority of these 80 would have signed up after more than 8 exposures to your business) 

Here is where the problem lies:  

If you don't have 100 consultants on your team, you are with the MAJORITY so don't feel bad, but take note of these numbers:

  • 48% of us will never follow up with a prospect.  HMMM  only 2% will sign up on the first introduction, so we have some work to do! 
  • 25% of us make a second call and stop!  WHAT WE STOP?  What is wrong with us!  This is 73% of us that make only one or two calls!
  • 12% of us make only THREE contacts and then STOP!  
  • 10% of us will make the 5 - 12 calls that is needed to fully answer all objections, stimulate mass interest, and excite someone enough about your business to make their decision to get started.

So, what are you going to be, in the top 10% of your company, or below.  You will find that if you just follow up with your clients, and stick with it you CAN make it to the top, and if not the top then at least a level that pays you a nice salary doing what you love.

Now when you hear the objection "so few people make it to the top"  Now you can say "that is because only 10% of consultants ever bother to follow up more than 5 times!"

Follow Up, Follow Through, Follow your fortune! 

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Move over women, it’s MOVEMBER…


Having a virtual office that goes where you do means you both get to wear the pants in the family!


“I started my business seven years ago and haven’t dusted or cleaned a bathroom since.  My husband is a constant roll-playing, heavy lifting, spell checking, errand running, paper-jam fixer, delivery man, run-me-what-I forgot to take to the party, always with a smile, kind-of-guy! And he has a great ‘stach’ too!”  - Sharon Rood, Fiitfu client 

“My husband supports me by using the products himself.  He loves to help me brainstorm ideas about how to get outside my warm market and he helps me pack things up our three flights of stairs!”  - Sarra de Vries, Fiitfu client 

“My husband Derek is my rock.  When I’m having a bad day he always has words of encouragement, and when I’m having a great day he is always so proud of me.  This is what he had our kids make for me!”  - Cara Jahnke, Fiitfu client

 Cara Jahnkes kids 

“My boyfriend has supported my business venture since day one!  Sometimes he has way more faith in me than I do!   I couldn’t be more proud to be able to say I have a 100% supportive partner and I love him to death!”  - Jen Thomas, Fiitfu client

“My husband is the reason I took the leap into my business!  I was scared to get in front of people and he told me to GET OVER IT because I will be great at this!  He supports everything I do. He even came to our annual conference!”  - Megan Fikes, Fiitfu client

“Okay, my husband took a while to catch on LOL.  We were both in corporate America for decades and he is the analytical type.  He now helps with marketing strategies & advertising campaigns to support “Celebrate Caregivers”.  He is now one of my biggest cheerleaders!”  – Melody Gaynor Hanou Firmani, Fiitfu client

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Fiitfu featured in 24hrs Vancouver

24hrs Vancouver picked up a quick article on Fiitfu.  Highlighting your virtual office and working on the road!
24hrs Vancouver


August 28th, 2013 North Vancouver, BC, Canada - Fiitfu CRM solutions sends you back to the office virtually inspired.

What is Fiitfu? - It's a grab and go virtual office created by North Vancouver, BC Canada's, Mary Jane Mehlenbacher. Two years young and getting better all the time, Fiitfu is more than a CRM. Designed for the female entrepreneur who embraces a positive mindset, an active business lifestyle and sensational service, it's no wonder that women love it. 

Fiitfu features include: a customizable and user friendly CRM, email direct to clients, ezine design templates, link-able calendar, a sale journal, invoices and more. Plus, when clients sign up for a 30 day free trial, they receive personal follow-up coaching and support to ensure they have an exceptional experience and never let a client fall through the cracks again. 

Live and work inspired. Instead of going to the office, this fall, take it with you.

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Movember Contest


In Movember we get to watch the men in our lives grow their moustaches while we grow our businesses!  

Tell us how your man supports you in your business, and one of your guys will win a Burger and Beer Dinner out at your local pub!  Don't have a man in your life?  That is ok, write about someone that supports you in your business, and how their support pushes you forward!

Plus the first 10 people to write something will receive a motivational book to help you move even more forward in your business.

MEN don't feel left out, you have a story to tell as well.  Please feel free to write about who and how someone in your life supports your business!  

Simply go to our facebook page and write on the BLOG POST posted on November 09, 2013.  

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Are you afraid of the BOOGEYMAN? Follow-up Doesn’t Have to be SPOOKY…


With Fiitfu CRM Solutions, 

Boo The Boogeyman by following

these three rules of great follow-up.

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October Facebook Give Away

Facebook november 2013

We love Facebook and the sharing of idea's, updates and customer feedback!  It has been great way for our clients to keep up to date with what is going on, communicate with other Fiitfu users and be able to win prizes!

October was the host to one of our Facebook random draws for a 6 month free Fiitfu membership.  

Congratulations to our winner Patricia McCoy of Gold Canyon!  Enjoy your 6 months free! 

If you haven't joined us on our Fiitfu Facebook page, please do so now!  

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Have you seen the Halloween candy in your local grocery store?  Did you look up on October 1st and say to yourself “Where did the time go?”  Are you painfully aware that the long list of promises, plans and goals that were set a mere 30 sunny September days ago have left you feeling  a little (or a lot) overwhelmed and maybe a little discouraged? 

It’s okay.  Take a deep breath.  At Fiitfu we like to say that October is the new September and today is the best time to get organized and implement an awesome client care system.  

At Fiitfu, our company culture is all about embracing balance by living a fantastically inspired life first and finding a way to work your business around what fills your paycheque and your cup. 

You are on the go more than ever.  You are embracing change and stepping up to challenges.  You are an entrepreneur, a visionary and a risk taker.  Let October be your new September so you can look at your list of absolutes and must dos with fresh eyes and see it more as your list of happenings and accomplishments.  

How you adapt can be the difference maker to your health and well-being.  

October is the new September.  Start fresh today.

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Fiitfu in the North Shore News

Last week Fiitfu's founder Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher was featured in her towns local paper the North Shore News.  

MJ and Jaglin


Fiitfu focuses on client followup

Christine Lyon / North Shore News 
September 29, 2013 12:00 AM - See more at:

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I am Committed Campaign

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.  - Vince Lomardi

Are you ready to Commit?  Are you ready for your BEST YEAR YET?  Many of you said YES I AM... and we had a GREAT Fiitfu campaign last month.  If you missed it, be sure to email us at and we will put you on our mailing list for new promo's coming up!


I am committed

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Commitment Comes At What Price?

Commitment takes:




Commitment is knowing you are on the right track, and giving it 100% even when you feel like only giving 25%.  

You who are committed are the ones who don't take discouragement heavily -- you don't give up regardless of potential set backs. You who are committed set an example for those who don't have the confidence or experience to go through the hard times and hold out for the rewards of success.

Commitment takes STAYING STRONG in your will to make it a success...

It takes knowing who you are and what you believe in.  And being PROUD of it.

As a leader, your commitment will instill belief and trust in your team, your commitment will create strength in your organization as others become committed as well.

A group of committed individuals is unstoppable.

When you are committed to an organization or effort that you truly believe is important,  you will show up, follow through, and stick with it.

Stay Committed, stay strong,  stay aware, stay focused, stay the course.

The price of staying committed, PRICELESS.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead

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A Dozen Testimonials to Prove Word of Mouth is the BEST Advertising

It is true that word of mouth is the best advertising.  When you love something and you share it people listen!  This is why  we are so lucky to say that more than 85% of our clients come from word of mouth!

Fiitfu is an amazing tool that will help save you time, money, stress, increase sales, increase client relationships and MORE but don’t let us try to sell you, instead read what our clients are saying about us!

Here are a DOZEN recent testimonials, this could give you an idea of what Fiitfu can really do! 

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And the winner is…

have you been fiitfud


Back in June we had a contest "I've Been Fiitfu'd".  We had a great response to this and many people write about Fiitfu and how it changed their relationship with their clients.  Thanks to all that participated, you can read some of the stories here

Congratulations to our winnner Cara Jahnke of Arbonne who won a $120 GC to the restaurant of her choice!  

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