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Small Biz CRM Reviews Fiitfu

Knowing the right CRM to use can be hard, reading reviews can make it a bit easier, but the bottom line is when you give any CRM a try, you have to USE it daily to see the real benefits of using a CRM system.

Small Biz CRM takes a look at some of the features of Fiitfu.   Thanks to this great website for giving the comparisons!   Read Fiitfu CRM Review now.

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Henry Ford’s Birthday - Day 213


Henry Ford
Today is Henry’s Fords Birthday, and on this day in 1863 was born a visionary, a natural leader, a gifted engineer and someone that was just not satisfied with the norm.  Henry Ford’s Vision of a “Horseless Carriage” created a legacy which we are all familiar with today.

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Integrity - Day 214

“If you have INTEGRITY, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”
- Alan Simpson

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What We Learn From Others - Day 215


Last week I had the honor of doing a Follow Up work shop for the Bowen Island Women in Business group at Xenia.
Xenia sets the mood for sharing and lots of energy!  It was plain to see the energy in the room as we started.  The host asked everyone to go around and take 30 seconds to introduce themselves and what they needed over this summer.  As the women spoke, they all came up with amazing training quotes without even knowing it!  Here are a few of the things that I heard from the women, isn’t it amazing to see how much each of us has to offer.  Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a bit more credit.

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Practice for Perfection or you just may be improving your imperfections - Day 216

“Use every talent that was given to you.  But practice PERFECTLY or you will be practicing an error.”

- Harvey Mackay

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Use Their Name - Day 217


A question for you today when dealing with your customers... What is the sweetest sounding word in the english language?  

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Be Sure to Care - Day 218

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

- Theodore Roosevelt, Former U. S. President

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Your Rolling University - Day 219


You will spend an average of 3 years in your car over your years... so why not turn it into an educational tool!? 
Great advice as we sat and listened to Harvey MacKay at the eWomen Network Conference #ewnconf in Dallas last week. What he said motivated me to pull out my old Spanish CD’s and start listening to them again. You can learn anything you like, just start! Use the downtime in your car, on the bus or train to expand your knowledge.  
Rosetta Stone

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C is for Contact Management System - Day 220


The Harvey Mackay Network Builder
Harvey Mackay has a book out called “The Harvey Mackay Network Builder”.  On page 44 is noted Harvey’s ABC’s of Networking.  A complete list from A to Z on tips for effective networking.  I wanted to highlight the first three of the ABC’s of networking as it is directly related to Fiitfu.
A is for Antennae, which should be up every waking moment.  Never pass up an opportunity to meet new people.
B is for Birthdays.  It’s always advantageous to know the birthdays of your contacts.  You wouldn’t believe how much business our sales reps write up when they call on their customers’ birthdays.
C is for Contact Management System.  Have your data organized so that you can cross reference entries and find the information you need quickly.

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Rules of Online Success - Day 221




This past week I had the privilege of seeing Marc Ostrofsky speaking. I wanted to share with you some of his tips!
The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet!
Always ask Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and How much?
Build a business others want to buy
Develop a great management team = a large business vs. small business
Exit Strategy in place?
Forecast best, expected & worst case scenario. Be able to survive the worst case scenario!
Get a job or create a jobTM? Only one of these gives you the freedom you want in life!
Hire your weaknesses and hire the person with the right attitude!
Information is king. The more you know, the easier it is to create competitive advantage!
Justify business decisions with a financial cost/benefit analysis.
Know what you don’t knowTM.
Learn More, Earn MoreTM
Mailing lists create equity. Build them. Protect them. DO NOT overuse them!

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Ken Kragen On Being Unique - Day 222

ken kragen

The eWomen Network in Dallas has strarted, and to kick it off for many of us Ken Kragen spoke for three hours on subjects revolving around your business, The Magic of Three's, Timing is everything, Creating a personal balance sheet, Backwards thinking for forward motion, and more!  Ken Kragen is a true icon in the entertainment world, and the more he spoke the more I realized this!  I could go on and on about what he has done and all his accomplishments, but I would prefer you read it directly from his personal website so you get it all!  

One of the other topics includes:  Getting Attention!  He explains how you can't sell anyone anything unless you get there attention.  

You must be:
  • Unique
  • It must be based on real substance
  • And it MUST be unexpected.  
At that point he grabs our attention by bringing out the Juan Seguin High School Marching Band.  Here is a short video clip to see them.

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Fiit Newsletter 11 - 25 Follow Up Tips

Newsletter 11

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Follow Up Plan - Day 223

follow up stats

Last week I was at a speaking engagement in Calgary and I went over some statistics on Follow up.  One of the attendees wanted to have these sent off to her, and I thought I would share them with you as well.  It is important to really think about these statistics, as well as the findings from Chilton Research highlighting the time frame of buying patterns.  Once the decision was made to purchase a product, consumers on average took this long to finally buy the product:

  • 15% - Bought within the first three months
  • 24% -  Bought within four to six months
  • 34% - Bought within seven to twelve months and
  • 27% - Bought after 12 months.  

It goes to show that when you are creating your follow up plan, you have to ensure that you have a plan in place with a MINIMUM of 12 follow ups, and over the course of 12 months.

Good luck on your follow up today!

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8 Steps to Help You Follow Up - Day 224

We give you all kinds of tips at Fiitfu, but sometimes you just have to realize what step you are at and move forward from there:



thanks to for the great graphic

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Kisses- Day 225

peanut butter and chocolate kisses

Yesterday we had an open house at my daughters school.  Each of the parents brought in some yummy nibblies and I made these cookies.  

One of the fathers loved them so much that he was taking them off the kids plates!  A number of the moms asked me for the recipe, so I sent it off to them this morning, and thought I would also share the recipe with our readers as well.

Surprise the dads in your life with this yummy treat tomorrow!   Enjoy your Fathers day!

I have made dozens of these over the years... you should see my cook book!  I had a fine food store YEARS ago and I use to sell TONS of these out of there.  

A couple of tips:  Have at least three cookie sheets, don't try to remove the cookies from the sheets when the chocolates are just put on, the chocolate melts quickly and if you move it around to much the hersheys kisses loose their shape.


Peanut Butter & Chocolate Kisses - From the Cook Book "Traditional Cookies"

Makes about 40 cookies

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Fiit Newsletter 10 - Mix a Little Fun with Business

Newsletter 10

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25 Follow Up Tips To Stay Top Of Mind - Day 226

mastering follow up

At Fiitfu we talk a lot about following up, doing things different, creating relationships and getting to know your clients.  We thought it would be nice if we took many of the tips that we have given you in the past and put many them on one quick and easy list for you to look at and refer back to. 

Feel free to add more and share with us your ideas!

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Ways to Engage your Client - Day 227

Today I had tea with Michelle Hamilton who is a Marketing Strategist that I met at an eWomen Marketing event.  Michelle and I were talking about client engagment in much of our converstation and I realized  how many different ways we need to engage our clients. 

Many of you send out your newsletters, write  blogs or try to engage your clients on Social Media.  You may event host events that your clients or potential clients can attend.  

So why are you trying to engage your clients?  Engaging clients is important for many reasons including:

  • Keeping top of mind
  • Increasing Sales
  • Improve referral status
  • Increased exposure (via social media)
  • Answers questions
  • Creates conversations with other users
  • Introduce new products and services

So what is the best method to keep your clients engaged?  This is where it gets a bit harder. 

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Imagination - Day 228

Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions

Albert Einstein

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Good Luck For Your Business - Day 229


This morning I had coffee with Michelle Gilmore, a great gal that I met through CYBF's mentorship program.  Michelle is in the middle of opening up a tattoo shop on Commercial Drive with her clientele aim at both professional business men and women.   

Today we were looking over her website along with other pieces of her business when I asked about this photo attached of an actual tattoo.

"That is a Ganesha" she says, "He is the destroyer of obstacles and brings good luck to business's."  

Wow, I had never heard of a Ganesha before, but I love the look of him (he reminds me of my trip to Thailand when I went on a 5 day elephant trekking adventure... now that is an entirely different story).  But after meeting with Michelle today, I know if I want to get a tattoo I just may think of getting a Ganesha...

I wanted to share this with you as being in small business, we all run across daily obstacles which can sometimes be hard to overcome.  Perhaps a simple figurine of a Ganesha is all we need to keep us strong and moving forward!  

You can find Michelles Tattoo studio named Adorned Precision Body Arts,  as of July 13th at 1111 Commercial Drive in Vancouver British Columbia.  Once her website is up I will also post it for you to see!  GOOD LUCK MICHELLE!  I know you will do an amazing job.

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7 Tips to Help You Reach Month End Goals - Day 230


Well it is month end, the last day of the month is usually the day when the majority of sales come in.  We have goals to reach for and bills to pay... what can we say that may inspire you today to give it your all?  In the end we can give you ideas, advice, or motivational quotes, but in the end it is about you striving for your greatness.  You are so worthy of all that you strive for, know this and make this the best day of your month.

Here are some tips for you to ensure that you have a great month end:

  1. Don't give up!  Make sure you work your day to the end until you have reached your goals.
  2. Revisit your goals.  Sometimes we make goals at the beginning of the month and then lose focus of them... revisit your goals to help motivate you.
  3. Pick up the phone!  Go back to your present client list, and see who you have been dealing with and what needs you can help fulfill for your clients today.  You may even want to go back to contacts from over the last three months, it is time to re-connect.
  4. Connections only. Don't worry about the operational things today, today is about SALES and connections!
  5. Create a one day promotion.  This is a great reason to re-connect with your clients, and create sales.
  6. Ask for help.   Sometimes the best ideas come from your team or your clients.  If you are close to making your goals, ask others for help and ideas on how you can make your goals.
  7. End the day Celebrating.  No matter how today ends, know that you gave it your all and celebrate the success that you have accomplished this month.  

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Still Can't Clear Your Mind... Try This - Day 231

clear your mind

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50 Shades of Grey for a Good Nights Rest - Day 232

Yesterday I had coffee with my good friend Doug Brockway (who is also a Certified Executive Coach, trainer and engagement specialist if you are in need of one and we talked of many things including Fiitfu. 

Doug has watched me grow the business, heard about the many ideas we have planned for the company, the ups and the downs, the worries and the victories.  Like him and his own business it is often impossible to turn it off... his main message to me yesterday was “you have to do more for yourself, clear your mind so that you can heal the overworked (mind) and open up the potential for even more greatness!” 

Doug is an advocate of meditation, success journalling (which you can now do on Fiitfu),  reading good material (yesterday he recommended Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson), and doing other things that may take your mind off all the things that a business owner has to do each day, and the things that I know I want to do the next day.

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Fiit Newsletter 9 - Importance of Follow Up

Newsletter 9

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Real Integrity - Day 233

Integrity quote

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