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Time to Spice Up Your Follow-Up

Happy 10th Birthday to Sunset Gourmet, a Canadian Direct Selling company that is really spicing up the industry!

I (Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher) had the honour of speaking at the Sunset Gourmet Conference during their celebration at their 2015 Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was great to be back with this wonderful group of people that I had met when I was a presenter at their 2014 conference in Toronto, Ontario!

With the introduction of even more great products, incentives to join their team, and incentive trips for their distributors, the Sunset Gourmet team is so amped and ready to tackle another year of explosive growth.

This year I was speaking on Following-Up with Confidence, and Capitalizing on Change and it was a fun and dynamic 1 1/2 hour presentation with great interaction from the participants.

Some top tips from the speech included 5 MUST-HAVE's for effective follow-up. We touched on email campaigns and the CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation), plus I gave the group 8 challenges to improve their follow-up, that they were all fired up to take. It's been an honour to watch Sunset Gourmet grow over the years and it is humbling and amazing to be part of the support team for consultants from Sunset Gourmet that work their business with Fiitfu and to be so warmly welcomed by such a fantistic team that embraces the spicy life!

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That was the subject line on an email that I got yesterday morning...
It was one that I was a little concerned about, UNREAL is usually a GOOD thing, however it could be a way to describe something bad as well.
Definition of unreal: 
  1. Not real or substantial; illusory.
  2. So remarkable as to elicit disbelief; fantastic.
  3. Surreal.
Well UNREAL was a great way for all of us at Fiitfu to start our day, as we got this testimonial from Kate McKenzie from Origami Owl.

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Fiitfu's In The New! Celebrating 3 years IS big news.

Fiitfu is in the news again!  
Here is the article that is found in the Digital Journal as well as a number of other locations.

I love seeing Fiitfu get exposure like this!  If you are in Direct Sales, and NOT using Fiitfu, perhaps it is time you do!

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October 17th press release

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Are Your Clients Flying Out The Window?

phyllis brown testimonial


Yesterday I received a call from Phyllis Brown, a Star Leader with Silpada Designs, and she started off the call with: 

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Peace of Mind comes with using the correct tools

Share best practices


Thanks to all of you that share with us your success stories!  I love the latest here from a brand new mother:

Fiitfu has been amazing for my business!  I recently gave birth to my second child and instead of being overwhelmed with trying to run my business with a new baby and take care of my three year old, I was actually calm because I knew that I was organized and Fiitfu would remind me of what needed to be done!  I also was able to create a message to all my clients letting them know about our new products and the fact that I am working even with the new baby (the beauty of having my own network marketing business)  LOVE this software!  

-  Megan Fikes - Arbonne International


Thanks Megan and all of you that participated in our Sharing is Caring event.  You are all amazing!

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Some Of Our Latest Success Stories!

Sharing is caring

We love to hear from our customers!  Thanks for these latest testimonials that have come in from YOU our amazing clients!


I love Fiitfu!  The support is amazing!  When I first signed up for Fiitfu I received a call the next day from Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher to thank me for joining up and to see if I had any questions.  She even did a call for my team talking about the benefits to them!!   Fiitfu has been a life saver!  Reminds me to call my customers when there are specials or just to check in with them.  I can't wait for the Android version to come out!!!  Thank you for helping me book even more parties!  Receive more orders for just checking in with customers and growing my team!  What more would you want?!?!


Over the past 20 years I have strggled with keeping track of my clients, their purchases and any contacts with them.  I have looked at lots of software but still didn't see what I was looking for.  I have used Excel and then moved to other CRM progrmas as my business grew.  In January, I was introducted to Fiitfu by one of my co-workers.  Even though I wasn't looking to make a software change, as soon as I saw what the program did, I had to have it!  Customer follow up calls have been a priority in my business, however, Fiitfu has makde me more organized and even BETTER in my follow up.  I love this software and how much easier it is to run my business!


Fiitfu has absolutely changed the way that I follow up with clients.  LOVE the journal where I can see my previous notes.  This has improved my 'relationship building'.  What an amazing tool! 


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Success is Sexy

What we can’t tell you about Fiitfu

We can’t tell you the specific details about the 100% growth we had in November over last year, but we can tell you that we had our BIGGEST MONTH EVER.  

You can’t drag the celebrity name out of us about the new company launching overseas who has distributors using Fiitfu.  Our lips are sealed…  

We can’t tell you that over 80% of our users are from Canada’s top five Direct Sales Companies.   They are our treasured secret. 

We will tell you about our global reach.  Fiitfu is used by small business owners and network marketers in five major countries around the world.  With more to come.

We would love to tell you, but we shouldn’t, that we often hear: “Why doesn’t my company have THIS as their system?”  It’s true.    

Success is sexy.  At Fiitfu, we know that humility is too.  Yes we’re being a little cheeky today, but it’s only because YOU make us feel so GOOD!

You keep coming back.

You keep telling us how much this tool is needed in the industry.

We get better all the time because you keep getting better at your business.

Fiitfu is an industry leading Customer Relationship Management system with a higher than average client retention rate in the home based business & network marketing world.  The reason is Fiitfu users love their clients more than any other distributor or consultant out there and we CELEBRATE that!

Success is Sexy – and it looks good on you!  

Here’s to an awesome, sexy, successful MONTH!   Here’s to YOU!

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Move over women, it’s MOVEMBER…


Having a virtual office that goes where you do means you both get to wear the pants in the family!


“I started my business seven years ago and haven’t dusted or cleaned a bathroom since.  My husband is a constant roll-playing, heavy lifting, spell checking, errand running, paper-jam fixer, delivery man, run-me-what-I forgot to take to the party, always with a smile, kind-of-guy! And he has a great ‘stach’ too!”  - Sharon Rood, Fiitfu client 

“My husband supports me by using the products himself.  He loves to help me brainstorm ideas about how to get outside my warm market and he helps me pack things up our three flights of stairs!”  - Sarra de Vries, Fiitfu client 

“My husband Derek is my rock.  When I’m having a bad day he always has words of encouragement, and when I’m having a great day he is always so proud of me.  This is what he had our kids make for me!”  - Cara Jahnke, Fiitfu client

 Cara Jahnkes kids 

“My boyfriend has supported my business venture since day one!  Sometimes he has way more faith in me than I do!   I couldn’t be more proud to be able to say I have a 100% supportive partner and I love him to death!”  - Jen Thomas, Fiitfu client

“My husband is the reason I took the leap into my business!  I was scared to get in front of people and he told me to GET OVER IT because I will be great at this!  He supports everything I do. He even came to our annual conference!”  - Megan Fikes, Fiitfu client

“Okay, my husband took a while to catch on LOL.  We were both in corporate America for decades and he is the analytical type.  He now helps with marketing strategies & advertising campaigns to support “Celebrate Caregivers”.  He is now one of my biggest cheerleaders!”  – Melody Gaynor Hanou Firmani, Fiitfu client

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A Dozen Testimonials to Prove Word of Mouth is the BEST Advertising

It is true that word of mouth is the best advertising.  When you love something and you share it people listen!  This is why  we are so lucky to say that more than 85% of our clients come from word of mouth!

Fiitfu is an amazing tool that will help save you time, money, stress, increase sales, increase client relationships and MORE but don’t let us try to sell you, instead read what our clients are saying about us!

Here are a DOZEN recent testimonials, this could give you an idea of what Fiitfu can really do! 

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Get Fiitfu'd and WIN up to $200.00

have you been fiitfud

So it seems there is a bit of a trend going on with Fiitfu, the more you Fiitfu the more your business grows, the more your business grows the more you earn!  The more you earn the easier it is to keep the motion moving forward...

So we decided to run a contest about being Fiitfu'd... read a couple of these first and then we will tell you about the contest.

Here are a couple of TRUE "I've Been FIITFU'd" stories:

"I have been looking at this overdue client on my Fiitfu account for three days, I finally called her (the client) and I got a $500.00 ORDER!  Thank you Fiitfu for the system really does work."  

Fiitfu reminds a user that one of her clients is due to renew her product:

On 2013-05-31, at 11:12 AM Fiitfuer wrote to client "Hi Melanie, I was thinking of you and wanted to pop you a quick email.  How are you and your products doing?" 

Email back from client to FIITFUER "I swear that there are alarms on my product that go to you!!!  I just pumped my last pump of moisturizer today and am getting caught up on emails!! Maybe I should just order the set?  Thanks. "

Third story... and I think you get the picture:

On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 10:41 AM Fiitfuer wrote:  "Hello Bridgette (not real name) I am going to be ordering myself some products today or tomorrow... Just thought I would see if you needed anything!"

Email back from customer " You are kind of freaky (in a good way!) I JUST ran out of toner this AM ....!!   I think all other bottles are about half full.....or is it better to get the set now?!"

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Moira Kruger - Image Improved


Last week I met an incredible woman at the eWomen Network dinner with Sandra Yancey.  I saw Moira and was automatically impressed by her elegance and poise in how she carried herself, how she spoke and how she interacted with others.  Then I found out what she did and I can tell you it is a perfect fit!  Moira is an image consultant, but with a twist as it is not all about how you look on the outside but as well how you feel on the inside about yourself and others.  Her goal is to empower women through image coaching, beauty therapy and Bio Energy Healing.  A real GEM this gal! 

Moira and I had a conversation about our clients, and she was interested in trying out Fiitfu for her business, when we were speaking on the phone, this is the feedback that I received from her.

Mary-Jane, I have to tell you when I was using Fiitfu, I felt like my whole body is relaxed going through it!  This is so different than other systems that I have used for as soon as I logged onto those I would get stressed out! 

Fiitfu is so different, I love the colours, easy navigation and the fact that I can customize to my needs!  I am just so relieved to have discovered a tool that keeps my "ducks in a row" and at the same time is very easy to use:) 

 Moira Kruger

Image Improved

Thank you Moira for this incredible feedback, I have never had anyone say that out Fiitfu, and it is such a GREAT testimony! 

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Michelle Panzlaff - Tidy Tiger Solutions

tidy tiger

We always love to hear back from our users with ideas, suggestions and most of all testimonials.  This morning when I opened up my computer I was so blessed to see this testimonial from an amazing gal Michelle Panzlaff.  Michelle owns a company called Tidy Tiger Solutions and she is truly an expert in her field.  Not only will she come into your home or office and do a complete overhaul for you, but she also offers up ideas weekly on how to better organize your home/office with resources to help you get organized.  

Thanks Michelle for this following testimonial!

It is with pleasure that I write about Mary-Jane and her business, Fiitfu. I have met Mary-Jane several times networking and liked her instantly. Yet, it was not until I took a closer look at the product she offers that I truly appreciated her talent and vision.

I signed up for Fiitfu and gave it a test run to see how it operated. Come on, a free 30 day trial makes it easy!!

I found it very functional and beautifully simple at the same time. It can serve as a CRM for different types of businesses depending on which features you take advantage of, but I must say it is very well set up for business owners with a product offering.

The big ‘value added’ service for me was that Mary-Jane made time for me to explain how certain features worked, and she really came through on that call. Impressive! Mary-Jane, Thank you for creating this great tool to help business owners organize their follow up, and nurture their valued clients. Indeed ‘The Fortune is in the Follow Up!’

Michelle Panzlaff

Tidy Tiger Solutions

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Our FIRST video testimonial

Thanks to all our clients and their testimonials.  Here is a fun one we filmed last week.  Enjoy!

septmeber testimonials

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What do the boys have to say?

testimonials photo

This month we have two men that are small business owners that wanted to express their perception and experience with FIITFU! 

Darren and Ken, we appreciate  you and your feedback, it is great to also hear from people like yourselves that are not in network marketing, but still see benefit in using FIITFU as your CRM of choice.

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Featured Testimonials

Thanks for all the great feedback from our users!  This month we wanted to highlight 3 of our readers. 

See how FIITFU is changing the way people are running their business, in turn saving them time and energy!

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