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Get Social and Get Results

Social media can be a full time job in itself.  As the CEO of Fiitfu, I find it fun to get involved, but also hard to keep on top of everything.  One of the biggest tips someone gave me was to choose ONE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, learn it and then contribute regularily to that platform.  

For us at Fiitfu, we found that the easiest place to start was with Facebook...  and then came Julia!

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Success Is Sexy

It’s a great day to be a woman in business!  Here are some pretty cool stats we’ve pulled together from various sources about WOMEN as the SPIRIT OF BUSINESS FUTURE! 

We all know, that women are the original Social Networker, how cool that we’ve found NETWORK MARKETING and NETWORKING to grow each other and our businesses!

Did you know that women control 25 trillion of global annual consumer spending? 

*2009 Boston Consulting Group report

This is astonishing!   In 2011, 20.1 million women earned bachelor’s degrees compared to 18.7 million men.  It’s been a long time in the making, and now, let’s consider what will happen when women start spending the money we’re now earning! 



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Learn to “Go for No!” to Get To Yes!

Thanks to Andrea Waltz for being our guest writer this month.  Co-Author of Go For No, and creator of the personal development  video documentary, Yes is the Destination, NO is How You Get There! (featuring interviews with Jack Canfield, Larry Winget, ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger, and over 50 others.)  Andrea has incredible knowledge to share with all of us Sales Professionals in any industry!

Thanks Andrea, this information is perfect! 

 Andrea Waltz

What if the greatest success strategy in the world was not to go for yes, but to go for no?

For many consultants that are discouraged by the failure and rejection that can come with building your business, the word ‘no’ doesn’t have to hinder you. In fact, it can empower you to achieve a whole new level of greatness you never dreamed possible. In order to tap into the power of the “go for no” philosophy you must do two important things.

Step #1: Change your mental model of “success” and “failure””

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If You Are In Business, You Are In Sales


Today we have a guest post from Debbie Palmer, an incredible Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker! But more than that she is an incredible woman with a heart of gold with a very wise article that you should read if you are in business!

Thanks Debbie for taking the time to write for us today!

deb palmer

If you’re in business, then you’re in sales!  These days there are so many wonderful businesses starting up, great ideas with well thought out plans, and entrepreneurs with the expertise and knowledge for success.  One surprising complication arises when it comes to moving the company’s product or service, and you, the owner, realize that you are the one who has to go out and get the business, and that means sales.  The idea of selling comes with the notion of be pushy or aggressive and you may worry that potential customers may be annoyed or back away from you if you try to sell them.  That’s why so many people fear sales!  There’s no need to fear, turns out it’s all in the presentation.   A little advice to help you along your way: 

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Teamwork - Appreciation on a Shoestring

This month we are so excited to have executive coach Doug Brockway write an article for us on Team Work, and how to show appreciation without having a huge budget!  Working in a small or large office, here are some tips we can all start to implement in our daily, weekly and monthly recognition!

For more information on Doug: Certified Executive Coach, trainer, speaker, and leadership and engagement specialist with more than 20 years experience helping a broad range of local, national and international clients achieve sustainable success , be sure to visit his website

 Thanks Doug for taking the time to write this article to match our theme of "Better Together" this month.

Doug BrockwayShowing meaningful appreciation to your staff does not have to cost money. I would argue that the most important elements of creating a positive culture have less to do with the benefit plan and more with the ‘softer’ sides of the equation. Certainly fair pay, vacation and health benefits are important, and necessary. However, often overlooked are those key aspects of relationship building, or ‘soft skills’, that are critical to showing an individual or team the commitment that you have to them.

First off, lets dispense with the term ‘soft skills’. This needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. Increasingly, companies, large or small, are coming around to realize the impact to the bottom line that these people skills impart. I prefer to call them ‘primary skills’ which is more reflective of their enormous impact on corporate culture and long-term success.

It Begins With You

Showing staff you care for them should extend beyond the workplace. Work Life Balance programs are critical pieces of the organizational sustainability puzzle. Helping staff to find the right balance between their career and personal endeavours results in a more happy, committed and effective team capable of delivering sustained high performance over the long-term.

Creating the day-to-day glue that binds a successful company together begins with you as a leader. The nature of the relationships that you have with your team is a large contributor to the type of workplace environment that you have together.  Are you someone that they can trust? Do you treat them with respect? Are you fair? Affirmative answers to these types of questions go a long way to establishing a positive culture where staff feel valued. There are both informal and formal things that you can do to help create an environment where people say it’s a great place to work.



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Healthy Eating for your Kids

Salina Beaudoin is back with some great advice on feeding your kids healthy foods, and a recipe to go along. 

guest writers

Vegetables are always a hard item to get your children to consume but is essential in everyone’s diet. Vegetables are low in fat and contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & fibre.

One way to incorporate vegetables into your dishes is to disguise them. Add sautéed vegetables into a pasta sauce and then puree the sauce. This will give the sauce the same tomato consistency but it will have an added value of the vegetables. (See recipe below) 

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Leading people can be such a powerful experience as long as you are doing it from your heart.

Yesterday I had lunch with a longtime friend and associate Deanna Jones.  I first met Deanna when we worked together in the corporate world before we both set out on our entrepreneurial ways.  I have always held such high regard for this corporate trainer and friend.  She is an incredible trainer with a vast range of exceptional qualities acquired working in the field of Organization & Leadership Development for the past 20 years, this is her 6th year as a consultant.  

We had a discussion yesterday about many things, one of them being leadership and how to be an effective leader.  She sent me a note last night and I wanted to share it with all you leaders as it is effective and powerful information for us all.

deanna jones  Deanna Jones - Organization and Leadership Development Trainer

Plain and simple, leaders have followers. It doesn’t matter if you have the formal ‘title’ or not, it is a state not a position. It can be in any situation in your life. You see great leaders in sport, on the playground, volunteers, parents and in business. I have had the good fortune to work with some amazing leaders in all aspects of my life, consistently they do a few key things well: 

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Having trouble focussing from your home office?

Doug Brockway

Executive Coach Doug Brockway shares with us some tips on working from home and staying focussed.

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Feng Shui Your Office for Greater Success!

Dana Smithers

We have the privilege of having Dana Smithers of PRES STAGING write for us this month, an established interior decorator, home stager and motivational speaker and mentor Dana has much to offer us.  As we work from home here are a few of her tips that can make us more effective and successful!  Thanks Dana for your great ideas!

Dana Smithers, Pres Staging - As a busy entrepreneur you want to create a home office environment that you LOVE to work in. Make it aesthetically pleasing and energizing to be in. As an interior decorator, redesigner and home stager I have always used the Western Feng Shui bagua to do my Vision Board and I also use it to set up my office and my desk.  It’s quite simple to follow and it gets the energy flowing harmoniously in my space.  

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West Coast Chef

guest writers

We are excited to introduce to you our first of many "guest writers" that will enlighten you on ways to make your days run a bit smoother!  This month we thought it would be fun to ask an exceptional chef to give us some tips on cooking up a storm for this time of year, and with limited time on our hands!  (We all have deadlines to meet, but that doesn't mean that you can't eat well!)

Here are some tips from her for cooking in this season:

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