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Boxing Day Sale 2 for 1 Calendars

Have you seen our amazing Calendars? If you have, then you know that they are filled with 53+ weeks of follow-up ideas, marketing tips, social media solutions, motivational quotes, and more!

And FOR ONE DAY ONLY, on December 26, 2015, you can receive TWO for the price of ONE!

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Boxing Day Sale

Fiitfu is a Canadian company and like much of the British Commonwealth, we celebrate Boxing Day. Traditionally, this holiday was when employers would give their employees "Christmas boxes" full of goodies to celebrate the season. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, we want to share our sale with you!

How will you finish off 2015? Will you be ready to dive into an organized business in 2016? Will you have the tools in place to ensure that no clients fall through the cracks again? At Fiitfu, we are here to ensure that this is an easy process with our awesome BOXING DAY SALE!! Save 30% starting on December 26 and continuing through December 31.

But remember, when it is gone, it is gone. Be sure to sign up today!

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Cyber Monday Sale

It's time to slow down on the Black Friday Sales Frenzy for the weekend, and start diving back into your Follow-Up.

Let Fiitfu be your "virtual self" when it comes to following up.
Take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale and lets help you reach those goals for 2015, and move you into an effective and organized awesome business for 2016.  

Don't delay, these rates won't be around again for a LONG time!!

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Join Us For The 30 Day Fiitfu Challenge

Check out our most recent Challenge!  

The response from our clients has been awesome.  Is it time for you to take the Fiitfu Challenge?  Here are the details that you need to know to get started:

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2016 Calendars - 53+ Weeks of GREAT follow-up tips.

Our staff has been busy creating many custom calendars for teams like yours!  Looking for a great Christmas gift for your team in Direct Sales, then order soon, before it is to late! 

Check out some of these awesome books, what would YOURS look like?


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A BLACK FRIDAY SALE to increase your sales

Why Fiitfu for Black Friday?  Because, the sales you make in your business need to be recorded.  Increase your client retention, and your company value by ensuring that you not only make a sale now, but you also follow-up with your clients in the future.  Fiitfu is your answer to "cloning" yourself this Holiday Season.

But don't delay, this sale is over on Sunday November 29th, 2015.  After that you won't see another sale at this rate again, OR with these great GIFTS that come with an Annual Membership. 






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Congratulations to our 4th Birthday Event Winner!

Here at Fiitfu we just celebrated our 4th birthday!

For the event we sent out an email to our members with a form to RSVP to our birthday celebration. When customers RSVP'd, they were entered in a draw to win a Professional Package, part of our Virtual Assistant services.

And today we drew the winner!

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Increase your Success in Direct Sales with a stand alone CRM

where should I start

Does this sound familiar at all?

  • I have to much to do!
  • I have let people fall through the cracks!
  • I can't remember how I met that person.
  • I launched all those new business builders, and they are now out of the business.
  • I am so busy meeting new customers, I can't keep track of my old ones!
  • My desk is a mess with notes and paper everywhere.

If any of these resonate with you, then perhaps Fiitfu could be your answer.  

Check out this three minute video, perhaps Fiitfu can be a "Fiit" for you!  Fiitfu is THE leading follow-up system that people in network marketing need to be successful.

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Sunset Gourmet Time to Spice Up Your Follow-Up

spice up your follow up

This past weekend I was lucky enough to join the Sunset Gourmet group in Toronto during their conference.  What an honor to be able to present Fiitfu to the participants, and to meet many of the Sunset Gourmet consultants that are already Fiitfu members!  I love being able to put a face to a name.

It was a beautiful setting at the Westin Harbour Palace, and the energy of these guys and gals is on fire.  Sunset Gourmet has been around for just over 8 years and they are a company to watch!  If you haven't heard of them before, you are going to want to check out their website and products!  I know from experience that the spices are amazing, and the microwaveable Fudge is to die for!  From the sounds of things this weekend, things are going to get even spicier.

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Fiitfu featured in 24hrs Vancouver

24hrs Vancouver picked up a quick article on Fiitfu.  Highlighting your virtual office and working on the road!
24hrs Vancouver


August 28th, 2013 North Vancouver, BC, Canada - Fiitfu CRM solutions sends you back to the office virtually inspired.

What is Fiitfu? - It's a grab and go virtual office created by North Vancouver, BC Canada's, Mary Jane Mehlenbacher. Two years young and getting better all the time, Fiitfu is more than a CRM. Designed for the female entrepreneur who embraces a positive mindset, an active business lifestyle and sensational service, it's no wonder that women love it. 

Fiitfu features include: a customizable and user friendly CRM, email direct to clients, ezine design templates, link-able calendar, a sale journal, invoices and more. Plus, when clients sign up for a 30 day free trial, they receive personal follow-up coaching and support to ensure they have an exceptional experience and never let a client fall through the cracks again. 

Live and work inspired. Instead of going to the office, this fall, take it with you.

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Fiitfu in the North Shore News

Last week Fiitfu's founder Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher was featured in her towns local paper the North Shore News.  

MJ and Jaglin


Fiitfu focuses on client followup

Christine Lyon / North Shore News 
September 29, 2013 12:00 AM - See more at:

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Fiitfu speaks with Andrea Waltz of 'Go For No' on the Importance of Follow Up

Go For No Interview screenshot

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Fiitfu launches 'Share the Blog' contest


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Fiitfu Puts Follow Up Front and Center.

Ericka Morphy from E-Commerce News interviewed Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher last month for an awesome article on Fiitfu. 
Fiitfu is built on it's own platform to ensure that they have complete control of all the changes their clients may need!

Read the article Now on E-Commerce News

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Small Biz CRM Reviews Fiitfu

Knowing the right CRM to use can be hard, reading reviews can make it a bit easier, but the bottom line is when you give any CRM a try, you have to USE it daily to see the real benefits of using a CRM system.

Small Biz CRM takes a look at some of the features of Fiitfu.   Thanks to this great website for giving the comparisons!   Read Fiitfu CRM Review now.

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Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc. Branches Out Into Training on Follow Up

Follow up is an important aspect to any business.  But like anything else, you need the proper tools to make Follow Up successful, and that includes proper training.  

Fiitfu now offers the opportunity of having Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher, founder of Fiitfu, speak on follow up at your corporate events.  In the form of workshops or lecturing, start with the proper tools, enthusiasm and ideas that Mary-Jane can bring and share with your team!

For information on having Mary-Jane speak at one of your corporate events, please contact us at

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Fiitfu CRM Introduces even more Features

When new features are launched with Fiitfu, it is great to let others know.  Of course our ultimate goal is to be an effective tool to help solopreneurs and small business owners FORGE FORWARD in their business.

Here is an article picked up by a number of websites:

Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc. Introduces Even More Features Including Syncing it's Calendar to Outlook and Others. 

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Fiitfu CRM Commits to 365 Days of Training

It is always great when Fiitfu gets in the news.  This article was picked up by a number of websites.  We hope you take advantage of the material that is available to you on a daily basis!
Published January 12, 2012

Read Story on line here.

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Fiitfu Launches New Affiliation Program in the news

Thanks to Digital Journal and MLM World Guide for highlighting Fiitfu and our new affiliation program!

 Here is the link to Fiitfu's latest Fiit In The News

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Yahoo News - New CRM Explains Why Follow Up Doesn't Have To Be Such A Bad Word

Read our September 2011 press on Yahoo News.

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Social media not a passing fad

Today, Yahoo news picked up our press release regarding our new facebook page.

yahoo news

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Network Marketing CRM FIITFU offers FIIT NEWS to the List of Benfits of Utilizing the FIITFU Service

CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Programs) are helping organizations all over the world, this new one FIITFU has a very vertical focus on their clients.  

Customer Relationship Management programs (CRM’s) offer a multitude of features to help sales organizations in their business. This new one, FITIFU which stands for FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP has just introduced another tool for not only their members but as well any reader that wants to take advantage of tips on effectively working from home, or in the world of network marketing. 

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Press Release



Customer Relationship Management programs (CRM’s) are rapidly growing and considered big business.  Now there is a “new fish in the big pond” to watch. This latest CRM is especially worth a closer look. 

Created with a specific niche in mind, FIITFU CRM Solutions (Fortune Is In The Follow Up) was designed (with an innovative twist!) for network marketing professionals and businesses that can benefit from CRM’s. 

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