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5 Tips to Help Your Customers LOVE Your Business.

If your customers love your business, they come back. Return customers are the life pulse of what keeps your business strong.  

Here are 5 tips for making your customers LOVE your business!

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Follow Up is Fun on Friday!

stay calm and follow up


We truly believe that a Friday call to a present client is a GREAT way to set up your following week.  Fridays are fun, it is an ingrained feeling that we all seem to share... TGIF is recognized everywhere for this magical day.

Knowing that your clients are probably going to be in a great mood today, give them a call and say you wanted to touch base, you wanted to make sure that they were enjoying their products (or service) and would it be ok if you connect next week on Wednesday to tell them about some new products / service.  You may get their time now, but if you don't then at least you can follow up again on Wednesday!!  

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Fiitfu's Black Friday Promo!

Black Friday Fiitfu




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Record your testimonials, and did you know...

record a testimonial


I am sure you do as well, it is always a great idea to share the testimonials that you receive from your clients with new potential clients... (A great reason to follow up with a new client hint hint)

HOW CAN YOU TRACK YOUR TESTIMONIALS? -  One of the ideas that we are sharing with our Fiitfu customers is to create an interest that is "TESTIMONIALS" 

When you do this, you can track anyone that has ever sent you a testimonial, and record the date in which they sent you the email (or when you spoke with them).   You can then simply go back to your journal entries on that date to find the testimonial!  

A quick search under clients, with the selection of testimonials will pull up all past testimonials that you have received. 

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How to create your Inactive List

You may have a few past prospects or clients that you are no longer wanting to deal with, BUT you don't want to take them off your contact list as you want to keep your history with them.

inactive client

You can now create an INACTIVE list on Fiitfu so that we will not remind you to follow up with a client!


Follow these steps:

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Make FIITFU your Home Page!

Make Fiitfu your home page to ensure you FOLLOW UP every day!  

It is easy, just follow these instructions:

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Instructions on opening up emails in Gmail

AOL opening on emails is a browser setting, and not defined by Fiitfu, but you can change it.

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Follow-up conversation starters

Your clients live busy lives and they need reminders. Many people don’t take time to plan ahead on re-purchasing a product – when they need something they impulsively buy the nearest replacement. Lets make sure you become the ‘nearest replacement’.

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Print Invoices

You can print personalized invoices from your fiitfu account. We give you the option to print a blank invoice template (to be completed by hand) or even better print a fulfilled invoice directly for a client.

This is a great feature to show your clients that you operate a professional business.

view order form

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Reports boost your business

Use our detailed reporting system to pin-point key elements of your business.

You can use reports to help you run a targeted campaign or simply see the past history of a client. Get creative because there are endless possibilities within our reports section of your Fiitfu account.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your reports:

1.    Total Cost of Samples and gifts given.

This is great for your tax purposes.

2.    Total Party Sales for each client.

Discover who your ‘power’ clients are within the year. Show them how much you appreciate their business with something special. You can even work in a follow-up call to talk about booking a party in the distant future.

3.    Total sales for a client.

Discover total sales for a specific month or the year. Use this information to show your appreciation in a follow-up call. You can ask your top spenders what the admire most in your business and make sure to implement their response throughout your business.

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Create Gift Certificates

Print, track & redeem personalized Gift Certificates!

This feature will allow you to produce personalized gift certificates for purposes such as, give-aways, charity events, mothers’ day, birthday's, etc. We will number, track, send, print and even show you who has REDEEMED.

We will also notify you if a gift certificate is soon to expire; hint* this is a great way to follow-up with clients to see if they want to take advantage of their gift certificates.

giftcertificate details

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Booking A Party Is Easy

Enjoy our first post in the ‘Fiit Tips’ series – a blog category devoted to helping you get the most out of your FIITFU account.

Plan a party with your fiitfu account & we make sure your party is a success with our step-by-step check list for pre & post event tasks.

We also track invited guests, attendees & products sold!

We basically guide you through the hosting process so that no details are forgotten. As an extra bonus we keep a live journal of your event details so you can create personal reports in the future.

fiit tip - party planning

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