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Balance is so important to your daily routine!

Balance around work, family or health.  It's all relative! 
Never underestimate the benefits of having more balance in your life.  It will give you more inspiration in your work.  

Think about the general guide when it comes to an excercise regime, you will always have "rest days" integrated into the mix. 
Rest days help your muscles to repair themselves, build and strenghten.


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Dig a little bit Deeper

Imagine the stress leading up to the infamous Tough Mudder. Watching videos of the crazy obstacles, and knowing that it is an 18 km run (well, a run/hike) with 20 obstacles makes you wonder just how you are going to get through it.

Then you hear the Tough Mudder MC Sean Corvelle inspire you and everyone around you with words like these:
"When you think you have dug as deep as you can go, then you have to dig a little deeper, because performing to your greatness, will bring out the greatness in others as well. And THIS is what will make this world a better place."

It definitely gets you fired up and ready to go!

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Imagine running a successful business AND still having a balanced life with your family. Really? Can it be true—can I do this?

Imagine being there every day after school, or at each school performance, at home with your kids when they are sick, or never having to miss things that you REALLY want to be at.

Who has heard of a successful woman having balance as well—don't you have to sacrifice one for the other?

At Fiitfu one of our MAIN GOALS is to help women in business become more efficient and effective, thus making them more profitable, and ultimately allowing them to spend more time with their families.

Don't you think the world would be a better place if parents could spend more time with their kids AND there were more RICH WOMEN in the world.

We do! This is why we created this video, MY MOMS BIZ, to help women realize that what they do does make a difference.

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Why Clutter is Bad for Business

There's an old saying, "A cluttered desk is a sign of genius." But new studies show that a cluttered desk is actually a painful experience and can easily overwhelm even the most positive people.


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Why Thank You is so Important


Is the art of a simple THANK YOU dying?

Last week I was at a Networking Event and I noticed that everyone wanted to win a door prize, but how many of the people that won, actually thanked the suppliers of the door prizes?

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Is Writing Down Your Goals Really That Important?

It is proven that people who write down their goals and look at them daily, are more likely to achieve thier goals than those who don't!

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Helping New Year’s Resolutions become true!

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5 Resources for Pumpkin Carving Stencils!

Halloween pumpkins 2011

Each year my family, along with two other families, host a Pumpkin Carving Contest!  

The stakes are high when it comes to the top pumpkin carving, so we search the stores and the web for some great ideas on how to carve our pumpkins.  

In doing this I have come across great Pinterest shots, as well as some awesome popular websites that give you some ideas.

I figured you may like to see some of them, so here you go!  Why don't you start a tradition?  It is our 10th year running, and even the kids that are now 20 are still participating.  I love tradition. 

By the way, the image above is from our pumpkin carving contest two years ago.

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Take Time

"Take Time"

Take time to think:
it is the source of power.

Take time to read;
it is the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to play;
it is the secret of staying young.

Take time to be quiet;
it is the opportunity to see God.

Take time to be aware;
it is the opportunity to help others.

Take time to love and be loved;
it is God's greatest gift.

Take time to laugh;
it is the music of the soul.

Take time to be friendly;
it is the road to happiness.

Take time to dream;
it is what the future is made of.

Take time to pray;
it is the greatest power on earth.

Author: Unknown

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Our cookie Tradition

jag cookies

This is one of our favorite recipes over the holidays!  They are sooo good... here is a little tip, do not remove the cookies from the cookie tray until the kisses have hardened again.  They will drop down to a dallop of chocolate instead of a cute little Kiss!

It is fun to watch my daughter bake, she gets so excited about making these and more at Christmas!

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Success is Sexy - How Women do it ALL!

I think you are going to LOVE this poem... can't you relate!

success is sexy

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the house,

not a mother was sleeping, just maybe her spouse.

The shopping, the wrapping, the baking is fair,

but add on her business and now that’s a dare!


She’s been serving her clients, selling, wrapping  instead

So now they are happy!  They’re snug in their beds!

Her clients, they love her, the men, they are saved

She’s done it again, filled their lists with their fave!


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How Will You Celebrate YOU?!

success is sexy

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Happy Canada Day!


canada day long weekend

School is out 

Summer is here!

Get out all your Camping Gear...

Friends are calling, people talking

want to go camping, swimming, biking, walking?

Canada Day - The first long weekend of the summer, 

guaranteed to never be a bummer

Hockey is over, the TV is off

Sun is shining, no more wining 

Lets get together and have a cheer

For Canada Day Long Weekend

is finally here!

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How well do you know your EMOTICONS?


Last week my daughter and I were looking through her new “Just Between Friends” book and I had to laugh at all the fun projects in the book, many of which I remembered as a child!  Instructions on learning piglatin, making pull tab notes, secret hand shakes and other secret languages.  

One thing that I did not learn as a kid, and still haven’t learnt them all as an adult are the new EMOTICONS... did you even know what that word meant?

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Follow Up With A Treat

Everyday on our Facebook Page, we are giving you some ideas for effective follow up.  Today our post was:

Follow up Tip Of The Day -  A friend of mine shared with me the old fashion way of showing appreciation includes baking and gift giving!  So I started to implement baking some of my famous cookies and giving them to some of my clients that I am presently working with... What a GREAT way to be remembered and kept top of mind!  Drop off home-made cookies every three months or so... You know your clients will LOVE seeing you come through the door!  Here is to YOUR success! 

hershey kisses cookies

AND I promised the recipe for these amazing little morsels...  here you go:

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Never Have Lunch Alone

lunch date

At Fiitfu we believe that eating lunch with another is highly valuable, we have stated it on our blog entries as well we list this on our “tips to an effective day”  (see our Facebook page for this download).  Earlier this month Peter Legge CEO Canada Wide Magazine (whom I have also lunched with) sent out his newsletter with this article.  A perfect fit to show just why eating lunch with someone else is so valuable.  I hope you enjoy the read and take it to heart!
A woman who had had lunch with both William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli at different times remarked, "When I had lunch with Gladstone, I was convinced that he was the most brilliant person in the world and when I had lunch with Disraeli, I came away convinced that I was the most intelligent person in the world."

Having a one-on-one lunch together (rather than a meeting in the office) is a great way to really get to know someone. Rather than stay in my office during lunchtimes to catch up on paperwork, I like to take advantage of the opportunity and make as many lunch dates as possible.

Sitting in front of someone is a great way to build your contacts and build your Rolodex, but more importantly, it's a great way to build relationships. The best way to demonstrate to someone that you want to build a relationship is by showing an interest in their ideas and interests. So use your lunch as an opportunity to find out as much as you can about them. The person who asks the questions is generally in control of the conversation. Ask questions that don't have yes or no answers and make lots of notes. Making notes lets the other person know that you value what they have to say and you want to refer back to it later. Some of the best stories that I share in my speeches and my books have come from having lunch with people who were more than happy to share their wisdom and experiences.

Another benefit of not having lunch alone is that it can also result in business opportunities. Despite the fact that the majority of the conversation is not about business, at almost every lunch I've had over the years, I ended up walking away with some sort of commitment...whether it was for a charity I support, for my own company or a speaking engagement.

So remember, the next time you have an empty spot on your calendar, don't just grab a sandwich and sit at your desk, pick up the phone and ask someone to lunch.

Need to brush up on your lunch etiquette? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


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Journal for Success, Gratitude and a Lasting Legacy.

journal entry

My daughter was so excited when she received her first “diary” with a lock and key. Although she was not able to spell yet, she had me spell out words that she proudly wrote in her journal.  She keeps it by her bedside and writes about exciting things that happened to her during the day.  Granted she doesn’t write in it every day (she is getting better at writing and reading on her own now) but at a young age she is seeing already the benefits and enjoyment journaling can bring.

Most of us had a journal when we were kids (or at that point we called them diaries) and journaling is such an important thing for us to continue as we get older.   Besides helping us to accomplish our goals, there is research on various benefits of journaling including, but of course not limited to:   

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Chocolate- Even Better Than You Think


This weekend we went for a hike with some friends that just returned home from Argentina.   As a little treat they brought for us some Havanna chocolates (and yes I can even detect a smoky taste to these chocolates)… the gal said you should sit in a room behind closed doors to enjoy these chocolates because they were THAT GOOD!

It reminded me of a speech I once heard Doug Brockway  give about Chocolate making you happy.  I thought I would do some research to see what I could come up with for you, and it is amazing what I found! 

My studies on this rich dark delicious morsel led me to realize that not only does chocolate make you happy, it will improve your sex life, reduce risk for heart disease, improve your blood circulation which reduces brain aging and helps with pre-menstrual symptoms, yes you got it chocolate can help PMS!

With all that stuff going on, YOU KNOW you are going to be more effective in the office as well!

Here is a snap shot of some of the research that is out there to prove the above: 

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A lesson from kids and teachers

Today my daughter came home from her new school; it is a big change for her as she will be entering into full day grade 1 (we are use to 1/2 day KD).  She took it better than I did, I cried with the realization that she is growing up and will be learning life lessons not only from her family now, but much more so from her teachers and her peers.

Today she brought home a brown paper bag with a simple note attached to it.  The note was for the parents and children to go through the items in the bag together so that we remember on a daily basis what is important when at school.

The note was so profound, and I felt that we should all carry these same supplies for the message that then bring.  It is important in all of our lives:

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10 Instant Emotional Fitness Tools

good day photoThis past week we asked our Facebookreaders what they did on Monday morning to get them going for the day or week; we had some great feedback, with the common thread being exercise and fresh air! 

It is a known fact that exercise will stimulate weight loss, improve your mood, and even enhance your sex life!  There are so many benefits of exercise and to find out more you can go to

But what if you just can’t get those runners on today?   

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Do you concentrate on what you do have, or don't have

Often it is hard to focus on what we DO have, when so often our days encompass us worrying about what we don't have.

Listen to the words of Nick Vujici, he nails it!  You have so much to be thankful for.

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50 Things Everyone Should Know

ostrichIt can't be all work and no play, so at FIITFU we decided to add a blog category "BALANCE".  In this section we will highlight on different things you can do during your busy day of working your business to keep you in balance.  They may include tips on organization, exercise, child care, cooking and other fun things like that...

Today we thought you would enjoy reading the following list that we found.  We hope you will enjoy it!

Thanks to for sharing these!  A fun way to take a break in the day!

50 Things everyone should know:

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